Honda: autonomy record for this car


Honda: autonomy record for this car
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Traveling by car and being able to contain consumption as much as possible is certainly the dream of every motorist, who however often finds himself dealing with worn-out vehicles that cannot guarantee the desired yield. But there is a car, which also thanks to the skilful efficient driving of two motorists, was able to enter the Guinness World Record with a record average consumption.

This is the Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC, four wheels of the feat accomplished in 2015 by Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren to visit 24 neighboring states of the European Union. But how did they do it?

Honda Civic Tourer, the car of records

The story of the record set by Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren lays its foundations in the ambition of the two to embark on an adventure that from Belgium would take them around Europe across the borders of 24 countries. In 2015, the Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC was chosen to make the historic journey, a car that is no longer on sale today (the eleventh generation of the Civic has just been launched) but has been able to carve out important pages of the history of the Hamamatsu House.

One of the most efficient choices in the range of the Japanese car company, with a 1.5 diesel (Euro 5) capable of unleashing 120 HP and 300 Nm with CO2 emissions of 99 g / km, the Civic Tourer surprised everyone, including drivers. To ensure that the record was validated, McGrath and Warren had to follow specific rules, writing down step by step what they did and collecting independent testimonies on the journey they took. Eventually, thanks to their polite and gentle foot driving, the two registered a average fuel consumption of just 2.82 liters per 100 km out of a total of over 14,000 kilometers traveled in 24 days, very low fuel consumption for a car like this.

Europe in the car, as they did

Members of Honda’s European Research & Development team, McGrath and Warren drove the Honda Civic Tourer on June 1, 2015 and arrived at their destination on June 25. After 14,000 kilometers driven starting from Aalst, the two obtained the certification of the primacy. But in order for the record to be valid, as mentioned, a strict regulation was followed.

The record attempt was in fact organized by the Japanese company itself, which made sure that everything was regular. In fact, the two drivers had to cover every kilometer of the journey together and document everything with a fuel and mileage log, GPS readings, videos, photographs and independent witnesses. Furthermore, on the car side and on the actual journey, the whole journey had to be done exclusively on the road and that is why countries with the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta that would have required a passage by ship or ferry have not been reached.

To prevent any kind of misconduct, linked to the weight of the car, which had to be constant to avoid irregularities, it was necessary to refuel at each refueling. At the end of the 24 days of travel, with an average of 600 km per day for 7.5 hours of driving, the much desired goal was achieved. The record approvedafter all the necessary checks, it is a average consumption of 4 l / 100 kmvery different from the numbers recorded by the couple who said they traveled with 2.82 liters per 100 km.


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