Horoscope of the week from 11 July to 17 July – Tua City Mag


Horoscope of the week from 11 July to 17 July – Tua City Mag
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horoscope of the week from 11 July to 17 July

Summer is getting hotter and hotter, and it’s not just a matter of tropical temperatures. How are the twelve zodiac signs doing at the gates of the holidays and holds? Let’s find out together with thehoroscope of the week from 11 July to 17 July.

The sky of next week’s horoscope

This month of July is colored more and more with the characteristics, qualities and sensibilities, very marked, of its king sign, or that of the Cancer.

The position of the planets this week is perfectly suited to the hot summer weather that leads us, willingly or not, to slow down our pace with the positive consequence of leaving a little more than space for reflections and emotions.

A few more days and beyond Sun and Mercury also Venus he will move to the fourth sign of the zodiac making him and the other water signs, Scorpio and Pisces even more protagonists. Also the earth signs and among these first of all the Taurus, with Mars in the sign, they are already experiencing a very intense and engaging summer from the point of view of commitments and even more of emotions.

But now let’s go into next week’s horoscope detail to find out the situation sign by sign.


Dear Ariesthis heat is breaking down on you like a cleaver, an enemy of your body and therefore of your mood. You still do not know how to stay and when, for one reason or another you find yourself harnessed, you suffer a lot. However, think calmly and accept the reality: you cannot go for a marathon with 40 degrees in the shade. You have to find a way to combat your restlessness that will also accompany you in the next few days. Do not ruin a period that has given you so much satisfaction just for a few bad days, look ahead.


Dear Bullyour summer has suddenly taken off. After a bit of a lazy week in which you didn’t particularly shine but did the precious work of gathering ideas, now everything has changed. You are 100% present in your days, both at work and in the family, and this new enthusiasm is earning you all the acclaim you were looking for and could not find. There is also a lot of romance in the air. A really good time for you.


Dear Twinsyou have realized that the time has come to let yourself go a little e enjoy the best things that this summer can give you? Yes, it is time to slow down the frenzied pace with which you have been living your days for a little too long. We know that you are dynamic and outgoing types, but the horoscope of the week from 11 July to 17 July wants you to take care of yourself a little more, giving yourself some time to devote to what you like best and restores you. the soul. It is not a stop because there is something wrong, indeed, it is only time to congratulate yourself and give yourself a nice prize!


Dear Cancer, always better there is nothing to say. This is truly a heaven of big party for you. The stars shine to illuminate your soul inspired by all the love that revolves around you in this period. You are the brightest star in the zodiac, full of charm and imagination, enchanted by the mere greeting. You are also protagonists at work where finally those in duty notice you and your talent. Beautiful days full of successes and smiles. Best wishes!


Expensive Lionif you can, the best time to going on holiday in this summer 2022, this is it! Next week’s horoscope sees nervousness growing inside of you, and therefore consequently around you. Whether it is stress and excessively accumulated fatigue, or dissatisfaction for some concrete reason, the measure in the next few days will come to be full. We speak, above all of work, for this reason we suggest, if possible, an escape, even a short one, from an environment that is quite tight for you right now. To understand the real extent of the problem, it would be ideal if you found a way to move away from it to look deeper and with more detachment and clarity at the situation that creates you impatience.


Dear Virginfinally we can really say that the beautiful season. You are recovering so much energy that you wasted here and there in a busy period, and you are re-establishing yourself. It is a good moment because this possibility of returning to take a breath gives you space and time to take care of yourself and slowly return to center stage.

Weight scale

Dear Weight scaleJuly is always like this for you, summer comes upon you and you are still nailed to the workplace where, moreover, the loads increase in view of the well-deserved rest of the holidays which unfortunately still seems very far away. What to do? You are depleting your energies and it is not a good time even to console yourself with your beloved shopping on the contrary, the stars advise caution with your assets, both liquid and immobile.

Try to carve out a few more moments of relaxation, perhaps a weekend mini-escape, it may not take much to lighten a rather demanding period.


For you too Scorpio around this time this summer is showing its face more bright and bright. The horoscope for the week from 11 July to 17 July describes you in really great shape. Shine with great light and abound with energies, even creative ones, that you could use to experiment with new hobbies, activities or pleasures. In short, throw yourself into the exploration of new possibilities because this sky is rewarding and you can afford (also) the brazen audacity that you certainly do not lack.


Expensive Sagittarius, but when do the holidays come? To you it seems to drown but certainly not in the waves, but in the duties, the engagements, appointments and paperwork. And even if outside your office summer has exploded you are still overwhelmed with work, what to do? Find a way to manage these days, really very demanding, just small moments cut out here and there, to devote to the pleasure of a chat with a friend or a dinner out or an evening at a concert or whatever else you enjoy and can distract you a bit’. If the holiday is still a long way off, try giving yourself mini spaces of freedom in the city.


Dear Capricornyou are definitely among the signs kissed by the stars and their lucky energies according to next week’s horoscope. You are really in great shape, and incredibly chatty and smiling, extroverted as much as possible and downright glamorous. All things to be exploited not only at work, on the contrary! Try to look around because the opportunities for success are many and of different nature. Good fun!


Dear Acquariumeven for you the holidays seem very distant both materially and mentally, you are full of commitments and there are many things boiling in the pot, however don’t overdo it. Here also the physique and the mind always operative begin to invoke at least a small break. The problem is that the moment is really important because the stars are asking you to commit yourself to organizing or reorganizing your things, your life, not just your work. So, to do everything with the necessary clarity, try to carve out even small spaces to recharge your energy and be able to get back to work with the best possible mood.


What a beautiful time for you dear ones too Fish! The horoscope of the week from 11 July to 17 July sees you swimming with great security in a sea that is, finally, your sea. Well yes, you are enjoying the taste of satisfaction. After all, summer and the arrival of the holiday break is an excellent time to take stock and it is exactly what you instinctively do these days. And the balance is, finally, really positive. This new awareness absorb it all because it will be a precious weapon to be used when the activities will resume at full speed.

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