House Flipper, the home renovation simulator review


House Flipper, the home renovation simulator review
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The review of House Flipper, a game where you buy, clean, destroy, build, paint, tile, furniture and resell, until you can’t take it anymore.

There House Flipper review arrives only now, at least on the pages of, but the Empyrean game has been around for a while. The truth is that we underestimated him, welcomed him with that mocking smile that many of you will do, in front of the usual simulator out of the ordinary. Instead, in recent years House Flipper has transformed, from being a weird handyman simulator, into a well-structured and rather satisfying experience. The proof is in the number of additional content released in the last two years: there is the one dedicated to luxury homes, pets, gardening and farms, and probably the offer will not end there. House Flipper is a success, more than two million copies on PC alone, with the best expansions coming to sell well over 500,000 copies. Not bad for a team of ten …

Seeing is believing

House Flipper: rethinking an apartment from scratch is not as easy as it seems, but it gives a lot of satisfaction

The success of House Flipper it is unexpected for such a project, but you can understand if you finally put aside your prejudices and let the game start. House Flipper has a structure that is as simple as it is well thought out, which infuses the game with a feature found only in the best simulators: it makes you believe it.

When you finish tinkering with the bathroom fixtures in a house, the sun sets and you decide to go back to the office, you are now totally immersed in a new lifestyle. And maybe, while the game loads the change of setting, you even start thinking about things like “for that villa better an American kitchen in cherry, or an open space with kitchenette?”. It also happens that after about ten hours with House Flipper you start to suck a bit by yourself, thinking that all these jobs you could really have done; but let’s talk about a good game and a good game also gives you the hope that sooner or later you will be able to transform your closet into a three-room apartment with a swimming pool. Then you try again, and you play it again one, two, five more hours.

Because House Flipper is as relaxing as all similar games, plus it requires a consistent dose of creativity and this is always nice, especially in these times when with one click you can show an entire community your very personal work. But the House Flipper career it does not go off like a rocket: at first your office is a shabby shack and you can only accept small jobs. You’re not even that good, both you as a player and your character, limited by skills yet to be defined with experience. You must therefore be content with cleaning houses and doing some minor chores, but after the necessary running-in we will be offered increasingly complex objectives until all the mechanics of House Flipper have been revealed. This typically happens when we finally have enough money to start taking a look at the housing market.

Buy, refurbish and resell

House Flipper: we will be able to buy bigger and bigger houses, renovate them and resell them by choosing the best buyer
House Flipper: we will be able to buy bigger and bigger houses, renovate them and resell them by choosing the best buyer

The works on behalf of third parties are useful and profitable, but there is nothing better than buying a shack, refurbishing it completely, and then reselling it with the price increased by 100%. And this is the real fulcrum of the game that will still remain linked to its basic mechanics composed of many different building activities, simulated yes but in the name of simplicity: in House Flipper we can clean the dirt with the mop, suck cockroaches with the vacuum cleaner, making the beds, cleaning the windows, brushing a new plaster, putting tiles or parquet, wallpaper or panels, deciding where to insert doors and windows, breaking down and putting up walls, furnishing and lighting, installing sanitary fixtures and heaters and power sockets. In short, inside the house you can really indulge yourself as probably it hasn’t happened in since the last The Simseven if here the view is all in first person, the works must actually be carried out and you do not interact with any other characters other than the possible buyers of a house, that is families with different needs to satisfy.

Craving for DLC

House Flipper: Once everything is in place, it's time for the furniture
House Flipper: Once everything is in place, it’s time for the furniture

The first jobs will be more tedious than the following ones because our skills will be at zero. By carrying out the various professions, however, we will accumulate experience points that we can then spend on different skills designed above all, but not only, to speed up the work. For example: at the beginning we will be able to paint only one row of bricks at a time, by spending experience points instead we will be able to triple the rows of bricks and decrease the amount of wasted paint. The more we play, the more House Flipper will shift the attention from the real jobs, repetitive and without skill tests, towards a truly amazing creative freedom. It’s an exponential growth that, if you like what House Flipper offers, will keep you hooked on the game for some time; certainly enough to pay off the investment made to buy it. Indeed, it will be really hard to resist the temptation not to buy at least the expansion dedicated to gardeningperfect complement to the base game.

Many houses, few furniture

House Flipper: Turning a shack into such a house is one of the great goals of this game
House Flipper: Turning a shack into such a house is one of the great goals of this game

Several new missions have been added in recent years, and houses to buy and sell (some related to gods extraordinary easter eggs) now there are more than enough. In its basic version, however, House Flipper is rather stingy of furniture, many more would be needed but above all of different styles. From this point of view it doesn’t help a certain closure to the mods which naturally serves to ensure that the DLCs make sense; on the contrary, it is the quality of the DLC that should stand out from what the community offers. It would also be nice to see licensed furniture, a partnership with IKEA would make perfect sense and it would make House Flipper much more realistic, but they are truly off-scale collaborations for a small software house like this. From the point of view of the instrumentation, the same thing could be said: Teccpo, Black & Decker, Bosch! Better tools for better results, but maybe that’s why we should wait for a sequel … and we can’t wait.


House Flipper is a game that under a deliberately tedious surface hides a great and exciting creative challenge, which is renewed with every house we can get our hands on. Technically more than enough, the Empyrean simulator puts you at ease and encourages creativity, for a truly different gaming experience. House Flipper is totally in Italian and is available on PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch.


  • Lots of creative freedom
  • Many missions and a lot of trading


  • No coop and it would have been nice
  • Few furniture in the basic version

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