How to clean the mobile brace and its box to avoid stench and infections without using baking soda


How to clean the mobile brace and its box to avoid stench and infections without using baking soda
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A smile is the best form of communication between two people. Indicates welcome, a willingness to listen and sympathy. Unfortunately, from an early age, teeth can grow crooked for various reasons. Even as adults you may notice imperfect teeth. In these cases, orthodontic appliances are used.

There are two types of braces, the fixed and the mobile. The latter is used to straighten the teeth, but there is one in particular called a bite prescribed for those suffering from bruxism. In this case, the subject tends to grind his teeth during sleep.

We know that you should brush your teeth right after your three main meals. This could prevent cavities, plaque and tartar. When using an orthodontic system it is always good to keep doing it. In addition, the cleaning of the dental appliance should also be taken care of to eliminate bacteria. If hygiene is neglected, mouth infections could occur.

Cleaning methods

To clean your bites and mobile devices every day, you can proceed as follows:

  • take a soft bristle toothbrush and with a little non-abrasive toothpaste clean every part of the appliance. Then rinse under running water and dry with a microfibre cloth;
  • another method is to use a drop of dish soap or castile soap.

How to clean the mobile brace and its box to avoid stench and infections without using baking soda

Let’s see now how to clean the appliance in a deeper way. Once a week you can choose one of these two methods:

  • soak the appliance in half a glass of water with a tablet for cleaning dental prostheses. Leave on for the time indicated on the package and then wash and dry;
  • alternatively, leave the mobile device in a glass of water overnight together with a teaspoon of sodium percarbonate. The next morning, rinse and dry well.

Here’s how to clean the mobile braces. Dentists recommend avoiding granular substances in direct contact with the appliance and the use of hot water. The materials it is made of could get scratched and deformed with incorrect maintenance.

The box must also be clean. Due to the presence of bad hygiene or humidity it could have stink and mold. Then wash the box at least once or twice a week with water and dish soap, put it under running water and then pour a little 3% hydrogen peroxide into it, rinse and dry thoroughly. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide you could use some apple or white vinegar.

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