How to lose weight quickly in a week: the diets to follow


How to lose weight quickly in a week: the diets to follow
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Such as lose weight in a week? With the arrival of high temperatures, this weekend we already see the first all to the sea and everyone is running for cover or trying to do it thinking about diet and fitness. Here are the diets, different according to everyone’s needs, that allow you to lose weight quickly.
It may happen that, in a particular period, such as the one spent in the last few months at home, you can put on a few extra pounds. Obviously taking them is simple, but losing them is another thing entirely, as it may be necessary to follow one diet in particular, always under the supervision of a nutritionist or with the advice of a doctor.
There are diets that are carried out in the long term, but also of “lightning” diets that allow you to lose weight in weeks or even days. But how to lose weight in a week, and what are the specific diets to succeed? Let’s find out some of them that can be ideal!

How to lose 5 kg in a week with lightning diets
There are several diets, as already mentioned, that make you lose weight in a short time. In particular, some of these diets even make you lose 5 kg in a week. All this, however, must be supported by a healthy lifestyle and lots of physical activity, because diet alone cannot work miracles. Furthermore, it is a good idea to contact your doctor or nutritionist before starting any kind. Here are the “quickest” ways to lose weight!
Ketogenic diet for fast weight loss 5 kg per week
It is a ketogenic diet, which is based on a model that can help you deflate and that does not require sudden drops in energy. The ketogenic diet is high in protein and fat, but carbohydrates are almost entirely lacking. Fat and protein should replace the daily carbohydrate requirement by at least 75%. Although there is a high fat content, the ketogenic regimen, according to several studies, is the most suitable for weight loss in a short time.
Here is a typical menu to quickly lose 5 kg per week:
Morning: eggs or 50 grams of preserved meats with a choice of bacon, ham, bresaola or speck; 25/50 grams of rye bread or dried fruit; 30 grams of cheese or cottage cheese.
Mid morning: 50 grams of dried fruit and two tablespoons of peanut butter.
Lunch: 200/250 grams of fish (tuna, trout, salmon) or chicken or turkey; 100 grams of vegetables avoiding potatoes, peas or carrots because they contain carbohydrates; 25 grams of your choice of oil, mayonnaise or cream.
Mid afternoon: 50/100 grams of parmesan; a protein preparation; a vegetable soup.
Dinner: 150/200 grams of your choice between burgers, veal or eggs; 20/30 grams of your choice between oil, mayonnaise or butter; 200 grams of vegetables avoiding those that contain carbohydrates.

Fast diet for fast weight loss 5 kg per week
A flash is itself something that is seen and passed in a second. The saying “you did it in a flash” indicates that the person did something very quickly. The same thing goes for the lightning diet, which allows you to lose up to 4 kg in 3 days. Or it can also be adapted to 5 days, with similar results. It is a low-calorie diet, which does not include skipping meals, in fact this practice is very wrong in every sense.
Here is a 3-day standard menu, which can also be adapted to 5:
Breakfast: coffee without sugar (or alternatively tea). To accompany two rusks with jam. As an alternative to these, for those who love cereals, 40/50 wholemeal ones can be accompanied by a yogurt.
Mid-morning snack: dried fruit, a piece of fruit, or even a jar of yogurt if you didn’t eat it for breakfast.
Lunch: pasta (maximum 60 grams) or brown rice. It is necessary to eliminate heavy condiments, prefer vegetables and to complete the lunch also eat a salad.
Mid-afternoon snack: as for the morning snack, you can eat either a yogurt or dried fruit.
Dinner: white meats or fish, to be grilled or steamed. It can be served with wholemeal bread (maximum 100 grams) and as an alternative to meat and fish you can eat eggs or low-fat cheeses with vegetables.

One week diet for fast weight loss: does it work?
Now that you know some of the recommended diets, does losing weight in a week work? It should be borne in mind, first of all, that those with little excess weight will have more difficulty losing weight than an overweight or even obese person.
Regarding the effectiveness of diets, you need to know that they work if you are in perfect health and if you lead a healthy life by doing a lot of exercise and sports. Once you have reached your goal, however, you should not overdo it or start eating irregularly, because the previous effort will not be worth anything, and you could even run into eating disorders.
How to quickly lose 5 kg in a week?
First of all, you should always talk to your doctor or nutritionist to decide what is best for your health, and to decide which diet to undergo.


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