How to use Google Maps to avoid traffic


How to use Google Maps to avoid traffic
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If a little we all now use Google Maps how satellite navigator to make us drive along roads we do not knowstill few do the same thing when the road is instead well known. Yet thanks to the sophisticated technology of Google’s maps app, using Maps to go to known places could be equally useful.

This is because Google Maps has the real-time traffic detection and it shows us almost immediately if there are any slowdowns along the way we have to go. But this is only the beginning, because by taking full advantage of Google Maps we can not only know if we will find traffic along the way, but also avoid it making the most suitable choices to arrive earlier and with less stress at our destination. In fact, the shortest route between point A and point B is not always the best one. As it is not always the best thing to go there immediately. Here’s how to use Google Maps for avoid traffic and travel peacefully.

Google Maps and real-time traffic

Let’s start from the fact that Google Maps it can show us in near real time if there is traffic in front of us. It shows this clearly on the map, by coloring of Orange the sections of the route where there are slowdowns and of red those where there are real traffic jams, with heavy traffic.

This information is collected by Google using the smartphone sensors that have the Maps app and are on the same path as us. To learn more about how Google Maps knows if there is traffic, we refer you to this article.

How to avoid traffic with another route

If, after setting the destination, we realize that in front of us we are about to intercept the heavy traffic and we want avoid itthen we can still use Google Maps.

Just tap on a alternative routewhich the app will show us in grey. Alternative routes are usually not the best ones: either they are longer, or they have a toll or they have traffic restrictions. If, however, there is the best way a traffic jam or an accident then the path alternative becomes better than the main one.

By tapping on it, therefore, Google recalculates the trip and tells us almost immediately if in the meantime traffic has also formed on that route. In practice it is “try“all the paths in gray proposed until we find a clear one.

How to avoid traffic by changing hours

Then there is an alternative to the change of route: the time change. This is the other soul of Google Maps, the one not in real time but based on historical data.

The Google app, in fact, above the path also shows if the destination is crowded or not. In the case of short journeys, for example those inside the city, knowing that the destination set is very crowded is equivalent to knowing that it will take longer to arrive and, above all, to find parking area. Consequently we can tap on the app to find out which ones are peak times of the chosen destination.

This is not real-time data, but one average of historical data. However, they will be useful to us all the same, because they will allow us to avoid slipping into a shopping center in the moment of maximum turnoutor to go to a street in the center at a time when there is usually a lot of traffic.


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