Hunziker-Ramazzotti, what brought them together (and it’s not Aurora). And she is committed to Angiolini


Hunziker-Ramazzotti, what brought them together (and it’s not Aurora).  And she is committed to Angiolini
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The summer of Michelle Hunziker is booming. After a romantic weekend with the new companion Giovanni Angiolini, and the holidays with the daughters on a boat, the presenter has decided to present the new love to Aurora. Meanwhile, to keep fit, she practices karate, a discipline that has brought her closer to Eros Ramazzotti.

Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti: the sport that brought them closer together

The reborn friendship between Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti is there for all to see: since the ex couple reappeared together on the stage of Michelle Impossible, between kisses and memories, the two no longer hide. In recent weeks, the presenter and her eldest daughter, Aurora Ramazzotti, have even appeared in the new music video of the Roman singer-songwriter, Loves. Eros then flattered a mother-daughter social snapshot.

But few know how the two reinforced this relationship, for years difficult and distant. It was to tell how things are the karate master of Eros and MichelleLuigi Passamonte, who, on the pages of Courier, he explained how the two artists approached this discipline, and strengthened the relationship by practicing it together.

It all started with Eros – says the athlete – I had not happened to find such a helpful person. Eros appreciated the spirituality of the kyokushinkai: on TV, with Michelle, he said that thanks to us he had become a better person. “

Ramazzotti then convinced his ex-wife to approach this disciplineafter a difficult period: “On Eros’ input, it happened after the lockdown, she needed to feel more secure after having some stalking problems”Explains Passamonte. “His application of him was exceptional, if he hadn’t worked on TV, he could have been an athlete without problems.”

The teacher then spoke of Michelle’s perfect physical shape, who would even be able to compete: “Michelle is very sweet, but she has a granite body: she pushes hard in her workouts, I saw her lift even a ton, the level is high” . This is demonstrated by the summer shots of Hunziker, in a physical form that would be the envy of her twenty-year-old colleagues.

Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini: family presentations

But there is not only Eros Ramazzotti in his life, Michelle Hunziker has found love againafter the unexpected end of the marriage with Tomaso Trussardi. Giovanni AngioliniSardinian surgeon, former competitor of Big Brother conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi, is the new companion of the Swiss presenter, now there are no more doubts. If the images of their weekend of fire didn’t convince you, the new couple was paparazzi in a four-way dinner with Aurora Ramazzotti and her boyfriendGoffredo Cerza.

The unusual quartet was immortalized by the weekly New in the streets of Milan. Michelle introduced Giovanni to her daughter, a very important step, which indicates that the love story has not only taken off, but is heading in the right direction.

Officially Michelle still does not talk about love, but we are sure that this fall, if everything goes as planned, the two could come out into the open even with the public.

Will Hunziker say yes for the third time? It is too early to say, we just have to keep following the developments of this report.


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