I have. Mobile: new 350 Giga data-only offer with convergence discount for existing customers


I have.  Mobile: new 350 Giga data-only offer with convergence discount for existing customers
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From May 30, 2022, subject to any changes, I have. Mobilebrand of the virtual operator VEI, a company controlled by Vodafone, launches the new tariff offer “data only“With 350 Giga per month.

In addition, I already have customers. Mobile with another active standard mobile offer can get a monthly discount for the duration of the convergence.

I have. 350 Giga provides every month 350 Giga of mobile internet in 2G and 4G up to 60 Mbps in download and 60 Mbps in upload, to € 16.99 per month with an activation fee of 9 euros.

I already have customers. Mobile, with an active voice and data offer, they get a discount of 2 euros per month, so the offer I have. 350 Giga becomes a € 14.99 per month.

The SIM I have. 350 Giga to get the discount will be connected to any SIM, both voice and data, of an existing customer I have. Mobile. The discount of 2 euros per month will remain as long as there is at least one other active and paying voice SIM.

In case of non-renewal of the main SIM offer I have. Mobile, after 45 days the discount on the data sim falls and the price will become a € 16.99 per month. So, if this happens, you will have to renew the main offer within 45 days of non-renewal, in order not to lose the discount.

The offer, for now and subject to any changes, is available in physical stores I have. Mobile. If you buy the SIM at a physical store, the price may vary at the retailer’s discretion (the standard cost is € 0.99 except for promotions).

In this case, the new customer must also bear the cost of a first recharge equal to 30 euros for I have. 350 Gigafrom which the cost of the first month in advance will be deducted.

In the data offer counter of I have. Mobile are also present 5 minutes And 5 SMS every month, to all national mobile and fixed network numbers. These data offers are only available to those who activate a new sim that can be recharged with a new number.

In case of exceeding the minutes and SMS thresholds provided by these offers, there is a cost of 19 euro cents per minute for voice traffic (without connection fee) and 29 euro cents for each SMS sent.

If the available Giga is exceeded, navigation is blocked until the next renewal.

The offers I have. mobile they are automatically renewed every month with a charge on the remaining credit. If the remaining credit is insufficient at the time of renewal of the offer, on customer i have. you will find the credit in negative. In order to use the offer it will be necessary to top up to return the credit greater than zero.

The customer I have. Mobile can also activate the auto top-up service by choosing an automatic payment method for the renewal of the offer.

In the countries of the European Union, in compliance with the “Roaming Like at Home Regulations “, you can use all the minutes and SMS included in the offers at no additional cost. Data traffic is different, to which limits are imposed that vary according to the offer subscribed.

The virtual operator I have. Mobile reached the share of 2.8 million usersdisclosed with the presentation of the latest financial results.

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