Ibuprofen drug: widely used anti-inflammatory but could pose serious health risks


Ibuprofen has a correlation with chronic back pain. The latest scientific research has revealed an association that scares citizens.

Ibuprofen-based anti-inflammatory drugs have long-term consequences for back pain and other problems.


Drug research sometimes leads to surprising results. Treating one malaise to cause another – or more than one – is not desirable for people and yet it can happen especially when you abuse a medicine. A survey conducted by the University of Canada has, in particular, established a connection between anti-inflammatory drugs based on ibuprofen and long-term health risks. The reference is to chronic pain caused by the excipient with a relevant reference back pain. The research also found other connections between different drugs and health problems after drug abuse.

Ibuprofen, research results

The University of Canada conducted research out of 93 patients with chronic pain who were regularly taking medications with ibuprofen. A small number of participants which was then compared to an analysis conducted separately on 500,000 people using the British biobank. The results showed that people who used anti-inflammatory drugs were more successful exposed to the risk of experiencing chronic pain starting from the following two / four years. The researchers said that new investigations will be conducted to find further confirmation of the initial hypothesis in order to analyze a greater number of patients and to be able to establish without a doubt the correlation.

To date, however, the association between ibuprofen and back pain was detected while it would seem that the intake of paracetamol and antidepressants (without abusing them) does not negatively affect health.

Quick cure today is not always the right approach

Surveys conducted on 93 patients reported that immediate treatment to make pain pass instantly is not always indicated. Analyzes done on patients after they stopped feeling pain reported elevated inflammatory responses mainly involving neutrophils – white blood cells – not present, however, in patients with pain. Consequently, blocking the pain by taking a NSAID drug (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) for immediate relief is not always the best move because it could lead to later pains and problems that are difficult to treat.

In addition to ibuprofen, however, research has also found this consequence in relation to the intake of other excipients, that is dexamethasone and diclofenac. Senior lecturer Franziska Denk stressed that investigations are only just beginning and that today it is not possible to use a clinical scientific experimentation which is based on a prospective project that can fully confirm the conclusions reached.

The information in the article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, they are not a substitute for consulting a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses.

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