If we often feel cold even in hot weather this could be the pathology we suffer from


If we often feel cold even in hot weather this could be the pathology we suffer from
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By now spring is making itself felt throughout Italy and temperatures are rising significantly. In some areas it seems almost summer has already arrived, and some have been spending the weekend on the beach for a while now.

In this period, therefore, we are all a little hot, of course. However, it can happen that some feel cold even when the temperatures are quite high. This could be due to a very specific disorder, as we will explain shortly. If we often feel cold even in hot weather, the reason would be one in particular, and it should not be underestimated.

Expert advice

The Humanitas Foundation provides useful information regarding thyroid health. It is a gland that performs important functions within our body. It is positioned between the larynx and the trachea, in the lower part of the neck.

Among the functions of the thyroid we find the production of hormones that regulate body metabolism and also thermogenesis. The latter is the body’s production of heat. So if your thyroid is not working well, it may start producing these hormones in lesser quantities. In this situation we speak of hypothyroidism, which indicates a reduced thyroid function.

If we often feel cold even in hot weather this could be the pathology we suffer from

With fewer hormones responsible for thermogenesis, you could therefore experience a greater sensation of cold, even with outside temperatures that are not too low. There are also other symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating, fatigue and swelling of the face. If we experience any of these symptoms, it is good that we seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The Humanitas Foundation also indicates that it is important to act according to the doctor’s instructions, often with pharmacological treatments. Generally, thyroid hormones would be mainly taken to cope with the reduced function of the gland. Failure to intervene promptly could have serious effects on the affected patient’s quality of life.

In short, these claims provide further evidence that protecting thyroid health is important. We should therefore be careful, for example, of foods that could interfere with its functioning. We also pay attention to the drinks we take, to make sure they don’t harm this gland. The experts of the Foundation in particular indicate to keep the diet healthy by trying to take in the correct amounts of iodine. However, the Foundation also specifies that it is not possible to completely prevent the onset of this disorder.

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