Iliad Dati 300 with 300 Giga to surf the internet: it can be activated again (for everyone)

Iliad Dati 300 with 300 Giga to surf the internet: it can be activated again (for everyone)
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From 9 June to 12 July 2022 all new Iliad Italia customers who activate a new number will be able to activate the mobile offer again Data 300. This time even existing iliad customers can activate Data 300.

The offer Iliad Data 300 provides every month 300 Giga of mobile internet traffic in 4G + up to 390 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload at 13.99 euros per month.

Iliad specifies that the Data 300 offer is mainly dedicated to those looking for an offer just to browse and can be used via a tablet or by inserting the SIM directly into a 4G modem.

The data-only offer can be activated online (here is the direct link) and in the simboxes present in the Italian territory and can be activated for new native customers and for existing customers who want to upgrade their offer.

For new customers there is an activation cost of 9.99 euros which also includes the cost of the new rechargeable iliad sim.

Iliad Data 300 can also be used in EU roaming with a cap on the maximum usable data traffic, equal to 10 Giga per month.

In case of extra-threshold data in EU Roaming, the customer can continue surfing at the cost of 0.00305 euros for each MB of internet consumed. Outside the countries of the European Union there are no all-inclusive rates for a fee but only roaming rates based on consumption. From 1 July 2022, or perhaps a few days earlier, these EU Roaming thresholds will change, as required by law.

The basic tariff plan for voice and SMS traffic is 28 euro cents per minute to fixed and mobile network numbers, 28 euro cents for each SMS sent and 49 euro cents for each MMS sent. On the other hand, as regards data traffic, if the monthly Giga is exceeded, navigation is automatically blocked.

In this case, through the flag “Unblocking of data connection in addition to the traffic included in the flat rate”Present in the iliad customer area, it is possible to enable navigation at a pay-as-you-go rate of 90 euro cents for every 100 MB of internet as required by the basic tariff plan.

With Iliad Data 300 the rate for call forwarding is 5 euro cents per minute with billing in increments of 1 euro cent for the first 18 seconds, then 1 euro cent every 12 seconds. Call forwarding to the answering machine is free of charge.

The new iliad customer can subscribe to the offer Data 300online on the iliad official website or also via Simbox at the 26 iliad stores and over 1200 iliad Corners in shopping centers and large-scale retail chains.

Existing iliad customers can also change their offer by activating Data 300 to 13.99 euros per month. To carry out this operation, the iliad customer must proceed directly from his own Personal Areaon the official website of the operator, by clicking “Offer change” in the section “My offer” of the main menu.

In its offers, Iliad includes at no additional cost i ancillary services Voice mail (at number 401), Call me back (if the answering machine is active), Hotspot, Residual Credit Control (toll free number 400), Visual answering machine, Show caller number, Call waiting (if the number is busy), Consumption control, Block hidden numbers, Speed ​​dials, Call and SMS filter And forwarding to answering machine abroad.

I am instead excluded premium SMS and premium services, while unlike the original offer, call forwarding to national fixed and mobile numbers is excluded.

New iliad customers can activate the iliad Data 300 offer at 13.99 euros per month only without a simultaneous request for portability. If the iliad customer still needs to carry out the portability of his mobile number (MNP), he can do it later, and at any time, after activation from his personal area.


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