Iliad Store, a pandolce as a gift for Christmas. Video with Frank Gramuglia on the “Panettone Iliad”


Iliad Store, a pandolce as a gift for Christmas.  Video with Frank Gramuglia on the “Panettone Iliad”
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Iliad Italy announced on the day of today, December 15, 2022her initiatives in stores and online to celebrate the holiday season. In particular, in storesdecorated for the occasion, it will be You can pick up a complimentary dessertwhile a video with Frank Gramuglia for the Panettone Iliadalso communicating the extension of the Flash 120 offer at 7.99 euros per month.

The theme chosen by Iliad for these initiatives concerns the leaveningreferring to the price increase, with the operator stating: “against inflation every month, costs rising everywhere, the prices of the iliad offers never rise over time.

The operator then played with the panettonethe classic Christmas dessert, emphasizing that with Iliad “nothing rises, not even the quintessential leavened product”.

On the day of yesterday, December 14, 2022Iliad had already referred to the panettone on its social channels, posting a photo of a panettone in the oven with the wording “We have something in store for you. Actually, in the oven”.

In the Stores dedicated set-up and a complimentary dessert

Starting today, the Iliad Storethe operator’s flagship stores, have been prepared with a dedicated set-up bearing the new claim “With candied fruit or without? When in doubt, without costs raised. Log in and switch to iliad”.

Also, a all those who will visit one of the 29 flagship stores in this period of Iliad will also delivered a sweet cadeau, in a defined package “Iliad-style”. In particular, the homage consists of a pandolce.

Therefore, starting today, unless changes or stocks last, it will be possible collect the Christmas 2022 gadget in one of the 29 Iliad Stores currently open in Italywhich are distributed as follows:

  • 5 y Milan in Viale Francesco Restelli 1/A (Iliad Registered Office), Via Torino 55, Corso Buenos Aires, Carosello Shopping Center and Fiordaliso Shopping Center (Rozzano);
  • 1 y Venice at the Porte di Mestre Shopping Center (Mestre);
  • 3 y Turin at the Le Gru Shopping Center (Grugliasco), in Piazza Castello 99 and at the Lingotto Shopping Center;
  • 1 y Genoa at the Fiumara Shopping & Fun Mall;
  • 4 y Rome in Via Cola di Rienzo 238, at the Roma Est Shopping Centre, the Porta di Roma Shopping Mall and at the Euroma2 Shopping Centre;
  • 2 y Naples in Via Toledo 103/104 and in Via Alessandro Scarlatti 195/197;
  • 1 y Catania at the Porte Commercial Gallery in Catania;
  • 2 y Bariin Piazza Umberto I at number 4 and at the Casamassima Commercial Park, in Via Noicattaro 2 (Casamassima);
  • 1 y Bolognain Via Indipendenza number 23 C/D;
  • 1 y Campi Bisenzio (Florence)at the I Gigli Shopping Center;
  • 1 y Palermoin Piazza Giuseppe Verdi at number 60/61;
  • 1 y Modenaat the Grandemilia Shopping Center;
  • 1 y Quartucciu (Cagliari)at the Le Vele Millennium Shopping Center;
  • 1 y Pescara in Via Firenze 309, at the corner with Corso Umberto I;
  • 1 y Rimini at the Le Befane Shopping Center;
  • 1 y Brescia in Via Mazzini 25;
  • 1 y Padua in Piazza Garibaldi 14 (ex Rinascente);
  • 1 y Orio al Serio (Bergamo) at the Oriocenter Shopping Center.

Also remember that Iliad will soon reach a total of 31 Storesthanks to the opening of two new points of sale in Florence and Veronafor which the staff search.

Unlike what happens in the Corners, in the Iliad Store new customers can use le as usual SIMBOXbut in this case they are specialized staff are always presentable to help customers in the activation phase or solve any problems encountered in the after-sales phase.

It is possible to purchase through the SIMBOXes present in the Stores both the mobile network offers and the Iliadbox Fiber offers.

The video on social networks of the “Panettone Iliad” with Frank Gramuglia

On today’s morning, December 15, 2022, Iliad published a videos on his social channels starring the Tiktoker Frank Gramugliawhich for the occasion becomes pastry chef as it was “challenged” by the operator a prepare the “Panettone Iliad”which in this case it will not risereferring to the new claim on costs that “do not rise”.

In fact, Frank Gramuglia tries his hand at preparing the panettone, but even after waiting 48 hours and after baking it in the oven, the panettone does not rise.

In the final part of the video, next to the unleavened panettone, appears the pack of Panettone Iliadwhich bears the inscription “This panettone is like the prices of the Iliad offers: it is not leavened”.

At this point, a voiceover says: “Since 2018, our passion has been to leave nothing to rise. This is how the Iliad panettone was born: low and above all unleavened, just like the prices of our offers, which never rise over time”.

Frank Gramuglia Iliad Flash 120

The Flash 120 offer at 7.99 euros per month is still available for a few days

At the end of the video with Frank Gramuglia the extension of the Iliad Flash 120 offerwhich as already told by MondoMobileWeb should have expired at 10:00 today, December 15th 2022, but instead continues until 10:00 on December 29, 2022.

In a note, Iliad Italia communicated the extension of the Flash 120 offer as follows:

[…] Furthermore, by virtue of the great success achieved in recent days, the deadline for subscribing to the FLASH 120 offer (including 120 Giga in 4G, unlimited minutes and SMS, zero hidden costs and zero constraints, all for 7.99 euros) is been extended until December 29, 2022. iliad thus extends the time available to subscribe to this generous offer, designed for the growing connectivity needs of Italians. […]

The offer Iliad Flash 120 it is subscribable either online (here is the direct link) that in the operator’s points of sale (Store and Corner) and includes unlimited minutes to all national landline and mobile numbers and to some foreign countries, Unlimited texting to all national numbers e 120 Giga of mobile internet traffic valid up to 4G and 4G+, all a 7.99 euros per month.

The cost activation procedure to purchase a new Iliad SIM in the format trio and of 9.99 eurosto which is added the amount of the first advance monthly fee of the offer, equal in this case to 7.99 euros. The total that i new customers will have to pay to enter Iliad with the Flash 120 offer is therefore of 17.98 euros.

As before, the Flash 120 offering also remains available as upgrade for some already Iliad customers with some of the previous offers through the procedure free offer change available from 2 September 2021.

In particular, Flash 80 it can be activated by already Iliad customers with an offer with a cost of less than or equal to 7.99 euros per monthi.e. specifically customers with offers Voice for 4.99 euros per month, Giga 30 for 5.99 euros per month, Giga 40 for 6.99 euros per month, Giga 50 for 7.99 euros per month, Giga 80 for 7.99 euros per month and Flash 100 for 7.99 euros per month.

To change the iliad SIM offer, you can proceed directly from your own Personal Areaon the official website of the operator, by clicking “Change offer” in the section “My offer” of the main menu.

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