Imagine Dragons: the scream of the 65,000 sets Milan on fire. A two hour long show


Imagine Dragons: the scream of the 65,000 sets Milan on fire.  A two hour long show
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The four American pop riders at the time of Spotify, at the Hippodrome, start with one of their first hits “It’s time”, followed by their anthem, “Believer”

“Where there is darkness, there is also light” the hope is of the good ones, the motion of the feelings after all is their usual figure: p
art thus one of the concerts that marks the return to Milan, after the long crossing in the Covid desertof the great international outdoor events The context is the I-Days Festival, they are the Imagine Dragons, the four American knights of pop at the time of Spotify, perhaps the band that has marked more than any other these magmatic ten years, which in fact ended recently since Covid has eaten two of them. In the beautiful equipped area of ​​the Hippodrome, 65,000 therefore welcome Dan Reynolds (voice always crystal clear, his) and the other three on the notes of one of their first hits “It’s Time”, immediately followed by their anthem, the true figure of their omnivorous sound, electronic, Coldplay and rocknroll, “Believer”.

The two hour long show

It is the crackling beginning of a two-hour long show, where the various souls of this band will flow: from “Thunder” to “Demons”, from “Natural” to the pounding “RadioActive”. Han said they had resurrected rock, Imagine: no, this is pop, music designed for the public and in the words – habits, fears and thoughts of ordinary men, everyday people. And in the sounds, definitely omnivorous, not declined to any kind of church and even less to any subculture. And people like it, those who grew up in the 10s – but there are also older and younger ones – singing along with this Alessandro Cattelan only a little more athletic, joined to ours too by this air of “champion of normality”. And, yes, he seems to be conducting the 65,000 orchestra, and then literally throw himself in the middle of it, Reynolds, son of Mormons who emancipated himself from the faith to plunge into the nequitiousness of Las Vegas. And then re-emerge as aedo of good intentions. Meanwhile, it gets dark on the outskirts of Milan, while the cover of “Forever Young” old phalf of the Alphaville and then the Draghianain the sense that our Premier liked the phrase so much, “Whatever It Takes”.

The fans are delirious

The fans, bewitched by Cattelan-Reynolds, chant “you are beautiful” he replies “Let’s celebrate life” and attacks “It’s ok”, everything is fine. With “Enemy” the show turns towards the final stages awaiting the great conclusion: naturalistic images flow in the background, they could be accompanied by a text by Paulo Coelho (or our Fabio Volo). And they are the prelude to the concluding medley opened by “Walking the Wire”, complete with an explosion of confetti. “Warriors” is the passer-by that leads to “Radioactive”, perhaps their most famous hit, at the top of the charts for many weeks: Reynolds takes his leave at the piano, while the fireworks set off, perhaps the only concession to stardom kitsch of the rocknroll of the whole concert. It closes, quietly, normally. As is finally normal, after the horrible surreality of the Covid times, to see a concert in the midst of 65,000 people.

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