In Pistoia family doctors by the hour to make up for absences


In Pistoia family doctors by the hour to make up for absences
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PISTOIA. In the future, we will probably have a general practitioner “by the hour” to run in the various outpatient clinics and territorial units, certainly not in the interest of the patient, but to fill absences, without hiring other staff.

At the same time “we will have a doctor without holidays, without the possibility of getting sick, without rights in the field of safety and individual prevention”.

It is not science fiction, but next reality. Beppino Montalti, president of the Provincial Order of Doctors, Surgeons and Dentists, explains this in a critical way.

“We miss the opportunity – adds the Pistoian doctor – to let the general practitioner recover the act and” taste “of treating, visiting, clinical reasoning, diagnosis and treatment, all replaced by cooperatives, supplementary mutuality agreements company, insurance ”.

What strengths and weaknesses, compared to the average of the European Union countries, does our national health system have today?

“The universality of the national health system, paid for by each user through general taxation, makes it unique, original and fair (we resemble English which, despite having been the reference model, has evolved in a less universalistic sense, especially after the “Brexit”) “.

There are more graduates than places in graduate schools. If, according to the institutions, the differences were to increase, would the problem of the number and quality of staff be solved?

«The staff problem cannot be solved instantly. It will take years to fill the guilty lack of any programming on needs. Not even the extraordinary interventions adopted during Covid 19 (increase in scholarships for the medical course, places in specialization schools, hiring of trainees already in the 2nd year, abolition of the qualification exam) will produce positive effects on short, while they will open up new problems on the preparation of future specialists ».

There are those who think it is necessary to involve doctors in training so that they can work and study at the same time. The criticism is aimed at this Italian “incompatibility”. Is this a way to go?

“We are already doing it; but it was a swab surgery. It would be necessary to anticipate the exit from the medical course (total duration 5 years); provide for two years of specialization in the university environment and 2 years of clinical specialization in a hospital or territorial setting. So perhaps we would have doctors better prepared and more precociously operative (think of surgeons who do not benefit from being “operative” late) ».

The identity crisis of the family doctor is also linked to the increase in health bureaucracy and to the shorter time available in the relationship with the patient. Today’s new graduates who will choose medicine, what relationship will they find themselves living once laureati? Will we have computerized doctors?

“The progressive bureaucratization of the general practitioner was the most absurd achievement of some” enlightened “administrative manager of our local health authorities, committed to acquiring” merit “in the reduction of healthcare costs (the only rewarding criterion of the ruling class even at the expense of quality and efficiency of healthcare services) “.

Does the solution, being developed by a general practitioner with some agreement and some dependence, also respond to this aim?

“The ASL will have a doctor” by the hour “available to run in the clinics and territorial centers, without logic and not in the interest of the patient, but with the satisfaction of the manager on duty who will say that he has filled the absences, without hiring staff “.


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