Increase in heart attacks after vaccine | The “massacre” that is affecting especially the very young


Studies have unveiled one possible and above all worrying correlation between the vaccine for COVID19 and the increase in cardiac arrests especially in the population between 16 and 39 years. The increase is substantial since there is talk of a 25% increase in heart attacks in both sexes.

The data were analyzed for the two-year period 2019 – 2020 and subsequently in the period from January to May of 2020 and 2021. The data are truly alarming. They report a major increase in cardiovascular syndromes after vaccine administration rather than after Covid infection19.

The Covid vaccine perhaps connected with the increase in heart attacks (web source)

The data that alarm the public opinion

The population concerned is that of the youngest since they are under 40 and it is precisely this that worries some scientists the most. The data are strongly correlated with the vaccination waves and do not seem to follow the pandemic waves.

Many reporters rely on this data to request a prompt explanation e a detailed analysis of the benefit risk brought by this vaccine. In fact, the controversy always remains on. From the first moment there were two factions that were born following the discovery of the vaccine.

There are those who have taken a stand in favor of the vaccine from the beginning considered almost miraculous e those who remained skeptical to watch the evolution of the situation. Many have been reluctant to have the medicine injected and even more have refused to give the vaccine to minors.

It is for this reason that the American and Israeli study has alarmed a large part of the population and the data relating to the very serious complications have also made a part of the scientific medical world jump on the chair.

The hypothesis of a close relationship between the progress of the vaccination campaign and the explosion of cases of myocarditis among young people was immediately advanced.

In fact, the survey revealed an increase in emergency room calls for cardiocirculatory problems directly proportional to the rate of administration of the first and second vaccine doses in the age group concerned.

The study that has been going on for more than two years

The research was carried out on a large sample of the population in Israel. For more than two and a half years, starting one year before the onset of the pandemic, the amount of requests for emergency assistance due to heart problems has been recorded.

Requests for intervention for cardiac arrests are on the rise (web source)
Requests for intervention for cardiac arrests are on the rise (web source)

The analysis of the timing with which the increase in calls was recorded leads to the conclusion of theexistence of a direct correlation between the increase in interventions and the vaccination campaign. The number of heart attacks did not appear to be related to the progress of the pandemic virus infection.

The figure that has most worried is that concerning the age of the Israeli population affected by the boom in cases of heart attack: people between sixteen and forty years old they usually have a very low rate of cardiovascular problems.

Certainly the scientific world will move to justify the situation and we hope it will find another correlation that exonerates the Covid vaccine from this supposed correlation.

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