Indiscretion, Fiat thinks about the return of the 600: how it will be


Indiscretion, Fiat thinks about the return of the 600: how it will be
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We all know the Fiat 500X, a very successful car that has been on the Turin brand’s list for years. The model will most likely be replaced by the modern reinterpretation of the Fiat 600, a car that made history, which the Italian brand produced from 1955 to 1969; disappeared from the market for decades and considered the icon of the economic boom of the Bel Paese.

In recent days we have talked about different car models that will soon disappear from the lists and that we will not see again, one of the most sensational goodbyes we have recently discovered is the one concerning the Ford Fiesta. Not just goodbyes, therefore, but also important returns, such as that of the Fiat 600.

Fiat 600: the return

We are all witnessing the so-called energy transition, the transition from classic thermal engines – to which we will have to say goodbye from 2035 in Europe – to electric ones. At the moment, however, hybrid solutions are still the masters on the automotive market, to be 100% zero emissions it will still take time. Among the new proposals in the price list, there are also many models that come back from the past; and Renault is undoubtedly one of the best known today.

However, Fiat also wants to re-propose one of its great icons, the 600. Also on the Panda there are several rumors about the version for the future. In the coming months we will certainly know more.

What will the new Fiat 600 look like

At the moment, what we know about the new Fiat 600 – a car that enjoyed unparalleled success in the 1950s and 1960s, certainly thanks to its competitive price, good habitability and excellent road behavior – is that we will be able to see it in a modern way. We did not expect it, but the rumors speak for themselves.

Indeed, Fiat intends to produce a new crossover SUV of segment B, in place of the Fiat 500X that we know very well. The new car will most likely be produced at the Tichy plant in Poland, where the Jeep Avenger, Fiat 500 Hybrid and Lancia Ypsilon are made today, and where Alfa Romeo’s next B-SUV will be produced.

Fiat will produce the new 600 on the e-CMP platform, the same that we find today on the Peugeot 2008. Regarding the dimensions, it is very likely that the car will be about 4.40 meters long, suitable as a car for family travel. At the moment we don’t know much about the shapes, on the web in recent weeks some renderings were circulating in which we could see a crossover aesthetically similar to the Opel Mokka.

These days instead we see other images, however unofficial renderings, with softer and more sinuous lines and an appearance more similar to that of the new electric 500. As regards the engines, on the other hand, given the times, it is very likely that the new Fiat 600 will make its debut on the market immediately in the electric variant in the future, just like the Jeep Avenger, which is also part of the Stellantis Group. For the interior we will be able to see a look halfway between classic and modern, in true Fiat style. And therefore, we just have to wait for the car manufacturer to confirm when the new 600 will be released and how it will be. However, we do not believe that its arrival in dealerships will take place before 2025, but only hypotheses remain.


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