IPTV, the good one. How to watch Italian TV channels on PC, tablet and smartphone


IPTV, the good one.  How to watch Italian TV channels on PC, tablet and smartphone
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Today, those who want to listen to an Italian radio in streaming have two possibilities: the first is to use the apps of the individual radios, but it is a “fragmented” choice, the second is to download Radioplayer, an application also available via browser (Web App) that brings together all Italian radios. Radioplayer is the product of Player Editori Radio srl, a company that represents national and local Italian radio: the publishers they managed to come to an agreement and produced something useful for everyonesimple but much more immediate than having dozens and dozens of different apps, each of which with user registration and therefore with the transfer of personal (and listening) data.

Unfortunately the same thing it did not happen with Italian TV: today there is no official application that allows you to see most of the public broadcasters in streaming from a PC, tablet or smartphone by grouping the various publishers and allowing easy passage from one channel to another.

There are individual apps, but as in the case of radios it means multiplying the access points making it impossible to zap. It also means more data released to broadcasters and worse user experience.

How to aggregate public TV channels into a playlist

Several times we have spoken negatively of IPTV, often linked to services that resell channels illegally in order to access pay TV at low prices, but in this specific case of public and free-to-air TV, IPTV comes in handy.

In fact, not everyone knows that RAI channels, in high definition, have a public address on the internet and can be seen using apps such as VLC and the excellent IINA for macOS. The same thing also applies to other channels, such as La7 or Sky channels.

Nothing illegal: the streams are public and are not protected, they just need to be found. Some users thought about it, like the manager of this repository on GitHub, IPTV-Italy, who created a file containing the list of channels and the definition of the broadcasters.

To use it just download an IPTV player such as IINA, open the “url” with the channels inside and automatically the list of channels, with the names, is added.

The file is “” and contains all Rai channels with Cielo, TV8 and Paramount Network. Mediaset channels are currently not working.

What’s inside the “m3u” file?

This file is a simple playlist in universal format, and inside you can find all the references to the public addresses of the IPTV streams of the Italian broadcasters.

For example, La7 is missing from the repository on GitHub, but to add it just download the file locally, add the line below and then open it with the player.

#EXTINF: -1 tvg-chno="7"  tvg-name="La 7" , La 7

On some internet pages, for example this one, there are suggestions to be able to see also some flows that require a unique identifier of the session. However, this is not required either to see Rai channels or La7.

Who is this for? Surely not to those who already have a TV, since the TV can see it via antenna or satellite, but to those who work in front of the computer and wants to keep a window open in the background to hear the news, or listen to a talk show. The solution can be very convenient indeed.

Direct viewing of TV via PC client could also be used to push TV broadcasters to do as radio broadcasters did: Rai, Mediaset and La7 continue to focus on the wrong horse, first MHP and then HbbTV, which almost no one knows and which in very few use.

They also continue to offer their applications, which can be fine in the case of VOD content to which advertising must be added, but they don’t go well with linear channels, that already have ads and could be served through one common, cross-platform, easy-to-use application.

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