Island 16, Marialaura De Vitis in tears but Nicolas does not believe her and speaks to her


Island 16, Marialaura De Vitis in tears but Nicolas does not believe her and speaks to her
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Difficult times for Marialaura De Vitis toIsland of the Famous. The girl seems to have accused a lot the last episode airedfrom which the most nominated by the group came out, going directly into nomination.

In the daytime strip that aired today at 16.10 on Channel 5 we have seen Marialaura in full post-episode crisis. First reached by Estefania Bernal who, seeing her cry, tried to reassure her. But the girl showed all her disappointment by saying:

I wanted to make my mom proud. And then I didn’t expect that Carmen mention me because for me she is a point of reference here.

Then she continued adding that she was also disappointed with the nomination of another castaway whom she considered a friend:

Carmen she mentioned me and I thought she was a mom here onIsland. And also Edward which represented friendship voted me. I felt a bit betrayed and challenged as a person.

Reached this time just by Edward who justified himself by saying:

You gave us a hard time yesterday. If there was another random on the other side you weren’t named yesterday.

Only the brother Tavassi and Estefania they seem to believe in the girl’s tears.

In fact, two other castaways who think that the girl is playing a part were of a completely different thought. The first was Pamela Petrarolo what he said:

I found it a parac *** ta. As if to say: “I play a little bit of victimhood so then at home they might be able to see a part that is a little more fragile. “ I don’t think she doesn’t believe she’s not part of the group, excuse me but I’m a *** I don’t believe it. Because you are old enough to understand. We make you feel that we love you, so I don’t believe it. She got into the loop because she’s nominated and she fits in because she’s twenty-four.

But once again Edward and Estefania they tried again to defend the girl, saying: “The tears were running down her seriously”. But to intervene, revealing the of him do not believe in the tears of Marialaurahe thought about it Nicolas Vaporidis:

If you want, I’ll let them down too … We are all actors. These things so a little “emotional”, these robe close-up on you with the tear … I believe that the outburst of Marialaura is an exploited outburst where the intention is to move the viewer to compassion.

Nicolas he then felt entitled to go to the girl to ask her why she hadn’t preferred a slightly more conservative, intimate attitude:

Legitimate to have an emotional breakdown, my question is: “don’t be embarrassed to show it in front of everyone? “. What I try to tell you is that emotions, when they are so true, sincere and strong, do it like this, always take into account that you give them to millions of people who in that moment of those emotions of yours do what they want to us.

Marialaura De Vitis she defended herself by saying:

I am one who does not show emotions I need to pay for them here onIslandhaving repressed everything, as soon as I want to talk about my own things, my emotions are triggered.
Honestly, they can do what they want with it, I did it for myself, to open up. Because I never do it outside.

Marialauraonce again resentful of the words of Nicolasshe burst into tears again, feeling bad about being labeled as fake.

And continuing in front of the confessional of the island he said:

I think that in reality, the only person who is exploiting my outburst is really Nicolas because he wants to pass this outburst of mine as a premeditation, for who knows what. I think it’s a tactic to maybe put me against some castaways, or to get me out of the game.

In front of the tears of the ex-girlfriend of Paolo BrosioOnce again Nicolas clarified:

But who told you false? But I want to know if the person in front of me, the person who is continuing to live with us, is a person who sometimes walks on those things or is really like that. If you tell me that you are very private outside and here you are opening up, there some suspicions come to me.

To then conclude at the confessional, openly saying what he thinks about the reaction of the ex pupa:

I see it more as a strategy. I don’t like this strategy. I consider Marialaura in this moment, under nomination, a very good sly.

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