“Island”, Nicolas re-enters the game. But for Edoardo there is nothing more to do


“Island”, Nicolas re-enters the game.  But for Edoardo there is nothing more to do
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There are only two episodes left to finally be able to decide the winner of this very long edition ofIsland of the Famous, but there is not good news for everyone. In recent weeks, many castaways have faced unprecedented difficulties. And in the infirmary there was a lot of “traffic”, with the recent arrival of Nicolas Vaporidis and Edoardo Tavassi. How are the two competitors today?

Isola, Nicolas Vaporidis is back in the game

Extreme conditions in the wilderness of Honduras they always put the castaways to the test. This year more than ever, given that the 2022 edition proved to be so successful that it was extended by a full month. The competitors are now at the end of their strength, above all due to hunger that has not given up even for a moment. Unfortunately, many have paid the consequences hard. Between these, Nicolas Vaporidis: a few days ago, shortly after winning the title of first finalist of theIsland of the Famoushe accused an illness that forced him to retire to the infirmary.

Subjected to a long series of checks to check his health condition, the actor had aroused great concern in all his fans. For a while, he had no trace of him: there was no more information from the production, and the public had begun to fear that he was now out of the game. Instead, with a surprise move, in the past few hours Nicolas has returned to the race. This was revealed by some images published on the social profiles of the reality show, in which the castaway is seen join his fellow adventurers and be made aware of what happened during his forced removal.

Isola, the conditions of Edoardo Tavassi

This splendid news, however, is faced by a silence concerning the conditions of Edoardo Tavassi. Silence that makes you fear the worst: it is rumored that his situation is more serious than expected, and that for this reason it cannot re-enter the game. To launch the indiscretion is The Pipol Tvaccording to which the castaway would have a significant swelling in the knee (probably due to a problem with the ligaments) which has so far made it impossible to carry out particular investigations.

In the absence of certain answers about his health and – above all – because of the knee pain which does not seem to improve, for Edoardo an almost inevitable retirement is expected. It’s a real shame: right from the start, the Tavassi brothers brought great vivacity to Cayo Cochinos, moving the dynamics that were initially a bit soporific, always ready to get involved even in the most difficult situations. And when Guendalina left the island, refusing the renewal of the contract for the extension of the reality show, Edoardo managed to emerge completely, showing us its most authentic side.

The light-hearted smile and the overwhelming joy conquered the public, making it one of the favorite castaways for victory. But apparently his experience would be about to end due to a bad injury, one step away from the final. The verdict is not yet confirmed, and we will probably have to wait for the next episode of theIsland of the Famous to find out if Edoardo Tavassi will have to leave the show. Even if the doubts now seem few.


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