“Island of the Famous”, Lory Del Santo must abandon the game


“Island of the Famous”, Lory Del Santo must abandon the game
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– Vera Gemma and Solei Sorge return to the island. Waiting for Soleil (who launches himself from the helicopter for the first time), with trepidation, is Edoardo Tavassi who has always had a soft spot for her, as confirmed by his sister Guendalina finally in the studio. The Piratesse will have the task of creating two teams – Team Vera and Team Soleil – so as to protect their favorite castaways and instead give a hard time to those who are not to their liking.


– There are now two very different and divided groups. The final is approaching and the nerves jump more and more easily. “They play incorrectly”, Edoardo attacks. They accuse the Del Santo group of feeding Gennaro to make him win the leader test. Not only that. They all agree in saying that Lory has “a double face” and that she always tries to put discord by talking with all the castaways. But she defends herself: “There are no videos that prove it, it’s all made up.” If Vera Gemma is on her side, Solei and Vladimir Luxuria attack her in the studio. Lory Del Santo leaves the Palapa. , who gives the kiss of Judas to Luca.Lory must reach Playa Sgamadissima where she will clash with Pamela Petrarolo for staying as a lonely castaway.


– Soleil chooses for the red team: Nicolas, Edoardo, Marialaura, Estefania and Carme while Vera chooses for the blue team: Nick, Luca, Mercedesz, Gennaro and Marco. The first challenge is one of endurance, the Vitruvian Man, in which Soleil is unbeatable. To challenge her is Luca, who loses. Chain Rescue: Vera saves Mercerdesz who saves Luca who saves Marco who saves Nick. Gennaro goes to televoting, he is the first nominated of the episode. The test of courage of Vera and Gennaro is the “indigestible dinner”: the two clash with Edoardo and Marialaura. The Gem wins. The rescue chain starts: Soleil saves Carmen who saves Nicolas who saves Edoardo who saves Estefania. Marialaura is the second nominated of the evening.


– Carmen Di Pietro is called in the nomination area and she is shown a clip, fake taken by social media, in which her son Alessandro has fun with Guendalina Tavassi between evenings at the disco and games on the playstation at home. Then mother and son are compared: Alessandro confirms what he saw: “During the day I study and in the evening I go out with Gwendolyn’s company”. “Ale you don’t have to do these things, did you pay the car insurance? Did you change the wheels?”, Carmen asks him.


– If before Nick was very attached to the group formed by Carmen, Nicolas and Edoardo, lately things have changed. The singer is at the center of many discussions. Both Nicolas and Carmen are very amazed by his change and agree that one step away from the end he has decided to create havoc to appear and get noticed: “I did not know his voice” says Carmen while Nicolas declares himself very disappointed in him: “Nick is a person who says what is best for him and who does what is best for him.” “I only made one proposal but you attacked me in the wrong way” replies Nick, convinced that he was attacked for small issues.


– Mercedesz and Edoardo have rejoined. Although Guendalina has always had many doubts about the influencer: “She is very cute, but she does not convince me, she is not the right person for him”. Ilary opens the connection with the Tana dei Serpenti where Edoardo and Mercedesz are waiting for her. “I trust my instincts and the prejudices I had at the beginning have vanished” reiterates Edoardo. Mercedesz also repeats his real intentions once again and hopes to clarify once and for all the misunderstandings even with Gwendolyn. “Do you like Edoardo?” Ilary asks; “He Didn’t you understand?!” is Mercedesz’s answer. Ls Blasi then makes believe that on a small islet not far from them there is just Guendalina and dictates a condition: Mercedesz must agree to spend a week alone on the islet and, in exchange, Edoardo will be able to embrace her again. “Show me I can trust you,” Tavassi screams. Then the joke is revealed. “I’m almost starting to like it,” says Gwendolyn who is now cheering for them.


– Nicolas nominates Nick, Carmen nominates Nick, Nick nominates Estefania, Gennaro nominates Estefania, Luca nominates Estefania, Mercedesz nominates Nick, Marialaura nominates Nick, Estefania nominates Nick, Edoardo nominates Nick. The nominee of the group is Nick. The castaways must then move to another island. And start all over again. The game is getting tougher.

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