Island of the Famous, Pamela Petrarolo comments on couples and castaways: “All theaters …”


Island of the Famous, Pamela Petrarolo comments on couples and castaways: “All theaters …”
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Pamela Petrarolo freewheeling on the island of the famous. Interviewed on Radio Radio microphones “It won’t happen anymore”, the former castaway spoke extensively about her adventure in Honduras and about some castaways with whom she shared the adventure. Speaking of the difficult trials she had to face, Pamela said: «Neither did I – she explained – I thought I could face something so epic, grant it to me. I start from a conscience and a way of being absolutely full of paranoia, fears, especially of the dark, of insects. Imagine me catapulted into a forest, I felt like I was on Seriously ».

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Pamela spent 22 days alone on Playa Sgamatissima and if, initially, she thought she would not be able to stay, she later changed her mind: “Yes, because after the first 4/5 days I understood how I had to survive, what the rhythms were and how I assure – and so I would like to disprove those who thought that someone even attacked the fish on my hook – that I cried, because for a week I have not seen a fish even paying for it gold. For me, who had never climbed a rock, preparing the bait, I love it and knowing that this was the only way to get food was difficult ».

Not everyone created the right feeling: «I had little time to realize it, I was with them for a very few days. But I had already understood the dynamics, the strategies, the factions were very clear, because I was first a viewer and then shipwrecked ». Petrarolo added that already in following the reality show from home she had an idea of ​​the competitors, an idea that she did not change once she arrived in Honduras: “I must say that it was not so far from what I had made”. In particular, she focused on Carmen Di Pietro: «In my opinion Carmen Di Pietro, although she made an island very strong – she is a very ironic character – she knew her stuff very well. She succeeded in to eat most of all, I wonder how he did it, because it was impossible to get food. She either as a reward or because someone gave it to her or because someone somehow brought it to her, in the end she ate. Many people let themselves be influenced by Carmen’s personality, therefore capable of her taking it off themselves to give it to her. But it happened to me too ». Like this Pamela she said she was not a lover of coconut, a fruit that she struggled to eat every day. «This coconut – she said – I happened to give it to her. She is a character you want for popularity, you want for the path she was following, the very fact that no one ever mentioned her, made you think that she was a bit feared ».

And about the fact that some castaways have endured fewer tests than others, Pamela says: “I didn’t swallow this thing. I did not agree on this thing, not even I as soon as I understood the hint. At a certain point, if the tests are not done equally by everyone, then not everyone has the opportunity to go to televoting and consequently risk going out ».

“If you don’t know how to test or don’t want to test, you can’t do L’Isola dei Famosi” said the former Non è la Rai, then speaking of “people who in some way have been satisfied with respect to others “. “If we all have to compete for the same goal we must all be equal,” she remarked, without giving discounts to the reality show. And about who would have received favoritism, Petrarolo speaks without filters: «Lory Del Santo surely it was one of those who did not test. She fell into the hallway of her house. She slipped and she also had a pretty big surgery so she has this scar. She does L’Isola and does not rehearse. For heaven’s sake I do not wish harm to anyone and I am very sorry, but it means that you are already leaving with the deficit you have, I have seen the scar and I can imagine how painful she was, but then I tell you; Are you going to a reality show that you can’t face? this is a physical reality show. As if one were leaving with a broken leg. Impossible right? Then there were other characters who didn’t do a lot, but Edoardo himself is one who hasn’t done all the tests ».

About the brother of Gwendolyn, one of the absolute protagonists of the Island 2022, Pamela confided some curious background about the Roman’s relationship with Mercedesz Henger. “He couldn’t care less. At first when she came in with Marialaura she confessed to me that he seemed to like her, then she immediately changed her mind ».

And again: «When she tried again, he was convinced that she was not the right person for him. So much so that she even told me lately when we all went out together “I have no intention of knowing you outside”. In my opinion, the transport that Mercedesz made to understand to have towards Edoardo is not true either. She understood that she was a strong character then she said “I am attached to him so I get to the final. Basically, if she used this kind of strategy she also came out well, because she made it to the end. In my opinion, you have implemented a false strategy. From what world and world in reality TV, history often keeps us going ».

Another theater, according to Pamela, would have been those between Roger Balduino and Estefania Bernal. “I know from you that you don’t have this desire to see him again, I’m sorry for Roger,” she explained. «I can tell you – she added – that I think Roger really liked her. At first she liked him but then she realized she had no intention of knowing him outside. Estefania told me during a dinner, there were no cameras, there was nothing. Anything can happen in life, God forbid. The important thing is that there is a sincere interest, because building a couple for the purpose of gossip I find it something of infinite sadness “.

And finally, Nicolas Vaporidis’ comment on the victory: «Can we say that it was written all over the walls? I also think that the result of his victory was conditioned – and not because he didn’t deserve it – by Edoardo’s exit. His exit helped him even more to award him the first prize. I must say he was always very nice to me, he also gave me advice, I had a good relationship. But in my opinion, Edoardo could give him a hard time on the final podium ».

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