Isola 2022, 23 May: Guendalina, Alessandro, Licia and Blind leave. Maria Laura and Roger in nomination


Isola 2022, 23 May: Guendalina, Alessandro, Licia and Blind leave.  Maria Laura and Roger in nomination
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Isola 2022, 23 May: Guendalina, Alessandro, Licia and Blind leave. Maria Laura and Roger in nomination. Surprisingly two of the potential winners of this edition, Tavassi and Iannoni, decide to give up getting to the final (extended to June 27), to return to Italy. “L’Isola dei Famosi” will be aired again on Friday 27 May.

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Isola 2022, Maria Laura and Roger in nomination (Credits Mediaset press office)


01.34 The nineteenth episode of the Island of the Famous 2022 ends here. Appointment on Friday with the live from Thanks for being with us

01.30 Gennaro ends up on Playa Sgamada where there are still Mercedesz and Fabrizia

01.21 The nominated of the group is Maria Laura. Now she is up to Luca to make another name and chooses Roger

01.18 Also Blind leaves T «orno at home, for me too this is my final, I have personal problems to solve, I am proud to have shown that love exists. I can’t wait to go back to singing “

01.17 Licia leaves the game «I am happy to have honored the contract. This is my final, not knowing about the extension I had made some commitments that I have to respect “

01.16 Pamela – Maria Laura

01.14 Estefania – Roger

01.12 Lory – Maria Laura

01.03 Marco – Maria Laura

01.02 Edoardo – Maria Laura

00.59 Roger – has problems with his nose, after the apnea test he continues to “lose water” – Maria Laura

00.56 Marialaura – Edoardo

00.55 Carmen votes Maria Laura

00.51 Carmen in nomination station, they make him greet his brother Giusepppe, but she does not recognize him

00.50 Nicolas – Maria Laura

00.48 Let’s start with the nominations

00.40 Luca is the leader and the next episode will also be immune

00.32 Edward in tears. Shipwrecked to the leader test

00.28 Guendalina informs the castaways to abandon the game

00.13 Guendalina’s father in connection who tells him that everything is fine and that the children are cheering for her. The father continues to try to convince her, but Tavassi is adamant “I have really big problems to solve”

00.09 Guendalina leaves: «I really feel like crying, but I have to go home to my children. For me today was the final. Ilary you and I had talked I have some urgent things to solve, I would have liked to stay with all my heart but I can’t prorpio. Gaia also turns 18 and I can’t miss it. My heart would stay here but I can’t, I have to go back to my children. Getting here is a huge goal, unfortunately I only had this time. I didn’t expect to get to today, I thought they would throw me out after a week. I would have continued and would have been happy to continue but I have children that I cannot leave at the moment, it is a stab in the heart to know that they had prolonged and I could not continue. I’m happy for the program, but Ilary you understand me as a mother, but I have to go back to my children ». Obviously both Vladimir and Ilary try to convince her

00.05 Edoardo stays

00.07 Roger stays

23.59 We continue with the decisions of the castaways whether to stay or abandon the game. Estefania remains

23.54 Game of Edoardo and Camen, a cake is up for grabs to celebrate the birthday of the showgirl who turns 57

23.40 Clip on the quarrel between Fabrizia and Licia over the “citrine”, a stone to which Fabrizia is particularly attached. very ugly Lycia’s phrase “make a necklace with this citrine and hang yourself”

23.24 Reward test for the castaways, up for grabs of hamburgers

23.21 Video message from Gaia

23.17 Guendalina in the nomination station, we see the clip in which she talks about the daughter Gaia she had at the age of 17

23.14 Gennaro gives the kiss of Judas to Carmen

23.12 We return to the outcome of the televoting, to be eliminated is Gennaro

23.05 Clip on the quarrel between Carmen and Gennaro

22.56 The first castaway safe is Luca, Roger follows

22.55 Televoto closed, nominated Roger Balduino, Estefania Bernal, Gennaro Auletto and Luca Daffrè

22.48 Estefania: «I didn’t believe his tears, Roger would kill anyone to get to the final, I don’t think he’s feeling love for me, he just thinks about the game. This is my opinion. For me he plays the victim. I did not fake anything with him, I also believed outside, he even teased me when the ex arrived. I am affectionate and I talk to the walls, between me and Gennaro there is nothing and he has never tried it with me ». Roger: “I’ve already said everything, only I know what I felt inside me, in the last few days I’ve tried to stay away from her to get better”

22.46 The couple Roger – Estefania makes people discuss especially after the truth about the “fake couple” has come out. With Roger apologizing

22.40 Alessandro thanks in tears, in particular, Edoardo, Guendalina and Nicolas: «Mom I left her last, the relationship I have with her you have learned to know. I know it will be a little more difficult for you now, but I want to tell you something, even if I get engaged at 40, I assure you that from now until the end of my days you are the most important woman in my life

22.27 Alessandro: “Edo you know that I tell you everything, I don’t know if it is a perception that I have here, but I really feel powerless in front of this situation, it is my mental scheme”. Blasi asks him to think about it again

22.24 Alessandro talks to his best friend, Eduardo, who does not share his choice: «You entered on tiptoe into a world that does not belong to you and despite everything you were splendid and you asserted yourself. People have loved how a 20-year-old boy is so kind and honest, he is so close to his mom. You are Stra loved. The game ends when the referee blows the whistle and you have always been one who does not give up, I would like you to complete this task. For the University, but are you really saying? You come back on the 23rd, on the 24th you already take the exam. I am coming to you in Honduras and to do so I gave up two exams and you know that it is not easy for me “

22.15 Carmen stays

22.13 Alessandro chooses to leave the game «I thank the island for this opportunity, I had undertaken to keep the promise to stay until 23 May, the date on which the final was established. For study reasons, it is impossible for me to continue at the University. It is not an excuse, but it is solely related to the University, now it is a problem that I no longer know how to manage. I don’t go to a normal university, it’s entirely in English and I have to go back to studying. You have to believe me, I’ve been thinking about it day and night. I grew up, I made an impressive personal growth ». Carmen: «We confronted each other, because he is three exams behind and he takes exams entirely in English, I already knew this decision but I can only support his decision, because studying is important and I don’t feel like hindering him. I set my sights on and organized until the end of May, a month seems like bullshit but not for me. I thought about it day and night. Now I’m going to do what I want to do »La Blasi and everyone from the studio try to persuade him to stay

22.11 Lory remains

22.10 Nicolas chooses to stay, so he continues his journey on the island towards the final victory

22.06 Clip on the choice of the castaways that we will now discover live

22.04 Tonight’s immune are: Luca, Lory, Pamela, Marco, Guendalina and Estefania

21.58 Lory, Nicolas and Guendalina cannot participate because they are injured. Guendalina’s explanation: “Because the other time I put a prosthesis back on it”

21.52 Tonight all the castaways are at risk, Carmen, leader in charge, will have to divide the castaways into two teams for the freediving test. Whoever wins is immune

21.50 Connection with Alvin, even if the advertising started in the middle of the story

21.49 Ilary recalls that there is an open televoting between Roger Balduino, Estefania Bernal, Gennaro Auletto and Luca Daffrè, one of them will have to leave the Palapa

21.46 Tonight the castaways will have to decide whether to leave the game or continue until the final on 27 June. The clip on the path of the competitors

21.41 The advances of the Island of the Famous 2022

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The “strange couple” ofIsland formed by Carmen Di Pietro and Edoardo Tavassi will face a fun test, giving away a sweet prize for all the castaways.

One of Roger Balduino, Estefania Bernal, Gennaro Auletto and Luca Daffrè will have to leave the Palapa. Finally, space for the new nominations coordinated by Alvin. “L’Isola dei Famosi” will be aired again on Friday 27 May.

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