Isola dei Famosi, 18th episode: televoting verdict, nominees, tensions


Isola dei Famosi, 18th episode: televoting verdict, nominees, tensions
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L’Island of the Famous 2022 comes to his 18th episode, with so many tensions in Honduras and even some injuries. Roger Balduino and Nicolas Vaporidis returned from the infirmary, shortly after Guendalina Tavassi. But Nick Luciani he is still under observation and, therefore, has not taken part in this appointment. The singer is in the infirmary due to a foot infection caused by contact with a coral. Alvin assures that he will return to Playa Palapa next Monday. After these updates, Ilary Blasi officially kicked off this evening with the latest discussions of Gwendolyn.

Tavassi was chosen by the ‘spirit of the island’ to make a test full of tensions. The shipwrecked woman has had the opportunity to spit on her companions everything she thinks. Only for someone did she have nice words, so much so that she even argued with her brother about her. She tonight in the episode she is again confronted with everyone, even with Edoardo. After that, Ilary asked the castaways to side with or against Gwendolyn.

Gennaro Auletto, Estefania, Lory Del Santo and Marco Cucolo remained firm in their position. Instead, Luca Daffrè, Mercedesz, Marialaura, Roger, Carmen Di Pietro, Alessandro, Nicolas, Pamela Petrarolo, Marco Maccarini and Edoardo joined her. Some of the castaways who sided with Gwendolyn were not convinced Vladimir Luxuria and the public. The columnist pointed out that many of them do not have an idyllic relationship.

“You are building a group that you think is stronger. So go to Guendalina “commented Vladimir. The two groups then challenged each other in the rotisserie test, fielding Gennaro and Alessandro respectively. Ilary Blasi also said she was surprised by some sides. The winner was the first, who brought the group a crate of rice. The episode continued with the relationship born between Roger and Estefania.

There was no lack of controversy, with Guendalina who spoke of strange nocturnal encounters between the two models. It’s time for Mercedsz Henger to have another clarification with Edoardo Tavassi. The latter admitted that he could not evaluate the situation now, as he would prefer to wait for the end of the reality show to be able to trust her. At this point, Ilary announced the result of the televoting: left Playa Palapa Mercedesz with 25% (Nicolas 75%).

Before leaving he gave his kiss of guide to Vaporidis. In the meantime, on Playa Sgamadissima Blind he had the opportunity to meet his girlfriend Greta, who landed in Honduras to be able to hug him for just a few minutes. After a challenge to questions and nutella between Carmen and Marialaura, the test leader. Di Pietro was the winner.

Then new discussions arose among the castaways. In particular, Nicolas and Lory clashed. The actor reiterated that he does not feel any sympathy for Del Santo. After that, Maccarini and Estefania confronted each other, who in recent days have been arguing over some misunderstandings. It is then confidential a surprise to Edoardo.

Tavassi got to see his father again through a video message. Theirs was a relationship that over the years has not been a bed of roses. Today they met and Edoardo, seeing him, was unable to hold back the tears. The four new castaways Maccarini, Luca, Pamela and Gennaro they challenged each other in a test. Petrarolo won, thus gaining immunity.

Not only that, Pamela had to choose who among her three companions to send directly to televoting: the choice fell on Luca, without a convincing reason. The time has come for the nominations, which have led Luca Daffré, Roger, Estefania and Gennaro to televoting.

  • Alessandro appointed Estefania;
  • Estefania named Roger;
  • Roger named Lory;
  • Marco Maccarini has nominated Estefania;
  • Nicolas named Estefania;
  • Guendalina appointed Estefania;
  • Lory named Guendalina;
  • Marco Cucolo nominated Roger;
  • Gennaro nominated Roger;
  • Luca named Roger;
  • Marialaura named Roger;
  • Edoardo appointed Estefania;
  • Carmen appointed Gennaro as leader.

Clemente Russo, eliminated on televoting last Monday, arrived in the studio. Here he was surprised to receive roses from his daughters. Unlike his wife Laura Maddaloni, the sportsman did not indulge in firefights. Vladimir Luxuria only advised him to reflect on his path in Honduras. He has already made the reflection of him.

“I realized that I was not a champion, at least on the Island. I would go back with another spirit, that of playing. It would take me more feeling and heart, less physical strength. I think I confused competition with play. If I were to come back, I would play and have fun “

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