Isola dei Famosi 2022, report cards 21st episode / Edoardo and Mercedesz, which understood in apnea


Isola dei Famosi 2022, report cards 21st episode / Edoardo and Mercedesz, which understood in apnea
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Isola dei Famosi 2022, 21st episode report cards: Mercedesz and Edoardo “at the kiss” in apnea

Mercedesz Henger and Edoardo Tavassi, the agreement is skyrocketing. The two shipwreckedIsland of the Famous continue to be talked about for an increasingly evident complicity. In the live broadcast of the reality show that aired last night, the two underwent one apnea kiss test to earn a reward: a comfortable bath with shampoo and shower gel. Together with them other 4 pairings, including Nicolas Vaporidis and Estefania Bernal, who in the end won the test. Edoardo and Mercedesz, despite the time totaled in apnea was higher than that of Nicolas and Estefania, were penalized for having removed their lips for a few moments during the test.

Despite the victory escaped due to a small carelessness, the complicity between them it is clear and has dispelled the tensions. At the beginning, in fact, Edoardo was convinced that Mercedesz had approached him for ulterior motives, rather than for a real interest. Yet, looking at the images of their freediving test, it seems that a bond has really been established. It is not yet known whether it is love or friendship, but this is enough to make the public dream (Rating 7.5) (adj. By Ruben Scalambra).

Isola dei Famosi 2022, 21st episode report cards: the return of Soleil Sorge and Vera Gemma

Soleil Rises And Vera Gemma they landed in Honduras. During last night’s episode of the Island of the Famous, the two castaways made their return and after the ritual presentation of Ilary Blasi Vladimir Luxuria seized the ball to throw a poisonous dig at Soleil Sorge: “It has been a while since we have seen you on television …”. Soleil made his comeback on television after the experience of Big Brother Vip and the juror role in the Pupa and the Nerdy Show. A real media overexposure for Soleil who, however, immediately pulled out her nails by attacking her travel companion: “The only things she has more than me are her years and her prosperous décolleté…”. Vera Gemma replied without delay: “There is a huge difference between us. I bear it but up to a certain point because then I can become very, very bad “.

Vera Gemma wanted to warn Soleil Sorge. In the presentation clip Soleil Sorge revealed that one of his favorite competitors is Nicolas Vaporidis: “I don’t like Nick very much because he doesn’t show himself, I like Nicolas very much instead, who is a great warrior”. Vera Gemma instead ruled: “The queens are back, although there is only one queen here and of course it’s me. But I’m happy to be with her, we get along very well “. Soleil Sorge and Vera Gemma, Le Piratesse, will stay in Honduras for a few weeks. Their task is will be to stir the dynamics of the reality show. (adj. by Giulia Bertollini)

Isola dei Famosi 2022, 21st episode report cards: Nicolas Vaporidis receives a surprise and …

In last night’s episode of the Island of the Famous, Nicolas Vaporidis did not hold back the emotion. The actor received a beautiful video message from Fausto Brizzi, the director of “Night before the exams”. Nicolas felt gratified and revealed: “I learned a lot from him, even though we drifted apart after the film I always looked for advice and he was the one who gave me the final push to throw myself.” This television experience appears to be in contrast with his career. Some might think that Nicola wanted to have this experience to look for a raise and it will probably be like that but at least he put his face into it. He wasn’t afraid to show himself fragile in front of the cameras. Just last night retracing his career he said: “The strongest success came when I was 24, I experienced it like a tsunami, I was literally overwhelmed by events. There were those who idolized me and those who couldn’t wait to see your head on a silver platter ”.

Nicolas felt that pressure and at first she was unable to control it, undergoing it: “For a long time I wanted to be invisible, I didn’t want all that attention on me, my physical appearance, what I am inside”. Nicolas last night took off his actor mask and a man appeared: “This experience allowed me to tell the man behind the actor, I became deeper, yes older, but also lighter, if I hadn’t accepted I would have regretted my whole life. I’m imagining everything I would like to do when I’m out of here, so many things I said no to, thinking I didn’t have time “. Nicolas showed himself for what he really is and people appreciated him even more (Grade 8) (adj by Giulia Bertollini).


We update the report cards of the 21st episode of L’Isola dei Famosi 2022, aired as always last night, live on Channel 5. There are two island women nominated, read Lory Del Santo, showgirl and actress who needs no introduction, and the Brazilian model Estefania Bernal. The classic photo with the question has been published on the official Instagram page of L’Isola dei Famosi “Who do you want to save?”, and the public seems to have sided for the most part towards Lory Del Santo.

In fact, in the comments we read: “Let’s save LORY”, and again: “LORY”, “Let’s all support Lory”, “I really hope it’s the right time that Estefania comes out”, but also “#forzalory” and “Lory all life outside the feigned one of Estefania… “. However, there is no shortage of supporters of Estefani Bernal, who, despite what one might think, has a large audience of followers. In fact, many comments in favor of the beautiful South American model, such as who writes: “I SAVE ESTEFANIA”, but also “Estefania must be saved, and again:” Fuori Lory “. In the coming days we will find out the verdict, in the meantime, if you want more updates on the report cards relating to the 21st episode of L’Isola dei Famosi 2022, we refer you to the focus below. (update by Davide Giancristofaro)


It ended the twenty-first episode ofIsland of the Famous 2022 with the definitive elimination of Marco Maccarini who during his experience in Honduras raised several controversies with many other castaways. Lory Del Santo this evening was at the center of some controversy against Nicolas Vaporidis and with Cicciolina during the nominations, the woman knew defend himself and assert his opinion (Grade 7). Edoardo Tavassi paired with Carmen Di Pietro he has provided all the castaways with a tasty reward: chocolate. But what intrigues the audience most is his possible relationship with Mercedesz Henger. Once the reality show is over, will the two get to know each other better? (Vote 7)

After Alexander’s abandonment, Maria Laura De Vitis he seems to have a particular interest in Luca and during the nominations he admitted that the boy is his prototype both temperamentally and physically… will something happen? (Rating 6.5). Carmen Di Pietro this evening was fundamental for many castaways who, thanks to the game played by the woman with Edoardo Tavassi, will be able to eat chocolate. In the last period, the woman has lost a bit of centrality within the program also due to the abandonment of her son Alessandro, but she always manages to carve out the moments of her at the center of attention (Grade 7).

Isola dei Famosi 2022, the report cards: Estefania is a double agent?

Nicolas Vaporidis tonight all‘Island of the Famous 2022 he had two long-standing discussions: with Marco Maccarini and with Lory Del Santo, all the castaways have never hidden their mutual dislike and never miss an opportunity to confront and reiterate their mutual hatred. (Rating 6.5). The flirtation between Mercedesz Henger and Edoardo Tavassi seems to progress daily and tonight the two during the test of the apnea kiss had some movement according to many viewers quite suspicious. The girl also revealed to a friend of hers that she is ready to start a story out of reality (Rating 6.5). Estefania Bernal after publicly admitting that she was excluded from the rest of the castaway group, during the last episode she retracted admitting that she never felt excluded, except on the specific day of the release. However, her change of alliances did not convince many of the castaways who decided to name her this evening, leading her to be the most voted competitor by the group. (Vote 6)

The experience of Marco Cucolo inside theIsland of the Famous 2022 led the castaway to bring out some side of his character hitherto unknown to the general public, the competitor tonight went against some ideas of his sweetheart Lory Del Santo, publicly admitting the woman’s mistakes (Grade 7). Pamela Petrarolo failed to overcome the second flash televoting of the evening and landed on playa Sgamatissima where she would have had to live with Roger Balduino, the Brazilian however, due to his ankle injury he had to leave the island to go to the hospital. Will the woman be able to spend the night alone on the playa unscathed? (Grade 7).


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