“Isola dei Famosi 2022”, skips the Friday episode. And Ilary consoles herself in the pool


“Isola dei Famosi 2022”, skips the Friday episode.  And Ilary consoles herself in the pool
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There just doesn’t seem to be peace for Ilary Blasi: once again, theIsland of the Famous 2022 sees a change in its schedule – yet another to follow in recent weeks. In this case, it is probably due to needs due to an all too ruthless competition which therefore “forces” Mediaset to take a step back and give up an episode of its reality show. And the host? She has a great time in the poolfor some well-deserved relaxation in this long adventure at the helm of the program.

Isola dei Famosi 2022, yet another programming change

This year, theIsland of the Famous lived lots of programming changes. Originally, the broadcaster had established the fixed presence of two weekly episodes, on Monday and Thursday. But the beginning of Supervivientes, the Spanish version of the reality show, prompted the production to make an important decision. Instead of recording the Thursday episode in the early afternoon to broadcast it deferred during the evening, it was decided to move the appointment directly to Friday. A solution that found several positive sides, since Mediaset was thus awarded a great success against the competition.

This time, however, it is time to take a step back. Friday 3 June there will be a special event that, in all likelihood, will outweigh any other TV show: it is Dallarenalucio, a beautiful concert conducted by Carlo Conti and Fiorella Mannoia to pay homage to the memory of Lucio Dalla, 10 years after his death. The show, which will take place at the Verona Arena, will be broadcast live on Rai1. Perhaps this is precisely the reason why, that same evening, L’Island will miss his now traditional appointment.

On the other hand, the reality show is slowly approaching its end: despite the extension, dictated precisely by the high ratings, on June 27 we will discover who will be the winner of this edition. Given that there are still a few weeks to go until the final, it is possible that Mediaset has decided to “slow down” the broadcast. The dynamics in Honduras are nevertheless very compelling – despite the numerous defections among the castaways – and the public is more attentive than ever to what happens in Cayo Cochinos.

Ilary Blasi consoles herself in the pool with her children

Ilary Blasi in the pool

And Ilary? This year his commitment was particularly difficult: the double weekly appointment, which seemed to have to lapse from one moment to the next, has continued unchanged until today. Not to mention the extension of the reality show, which even added a month of recordings. In short, Blasi is working really hard and still has several rather busy weeks. This short break arrives at the right time, and the talented Roman conductor did not miss the opportunity to rest a bit.

In the setting of his splendid villa, Ilary Blasi inaugurated his summer season in the pool with a fairytale bikini, a two-piece blue and black with animalier pattern that gives it a lot. With her also her children Cristian and Isabel, who have fun in the water between dives and swims: a beautiful family day that fills the heart and take away the stress, at least until the next episode of theIsland of the Famous.


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