Isola dei Famosi 2022, twentieth episode – In 5 televoting, Mercedesz and Gennaro are back in the game, Fabrizia eliminated, Roger alone on Playa Sgamadissima


Ilary and Carmen – Island of the Famous 2022

The Island of the Famous 2022 comes to twentieth episode, one month before the final on June 27th. And here on the appointment with the Friday liveblogging is renewed, to follow and update in direct minute by minute everything that happens in the studio and especially in Honduras during the evening.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: the minute-by-minute live broadcast of the twentieth episode

21.43: Short preview.

21.48: “The title of this episode is: save those who can”, says a tight Ilary Blasi in a suit to Eva Kant. Connection with Playa Palapa, where Alvin and the castaways, including Nick and Cucolo, are reunited with the group.

21.52: It starts with Carmen and Edoardo. First, however, the correspondent welcomes the Honduran chef to the beach, who has prepared some dishes for the whole group. To get the reward, however, Tavassi must have his hair shaved by Di Pietro. He initially does not want to know, then accepts. Ilary laughs: “Edoardo you are not bad, but I am not well”.

Edoardo shaved to zero - Isola dei Famosi 2022

Edoardo shaved to zero – Isola dei Famosi 2022

22.14: The televoting is closed. This week Nicolas has harshly attacked Maria Laura because she wanted to pity the public to say about her to overcome the nomination. “I don’t think he has a duty to judge”comments De Vitis.

22.17: Ilary gives the verdict: to abandon the main island is Roger with 49% of the votes, against 51% of Maria Laura. Estefania says she is sorry for the model and Vladimir torpedoes her: “How I don’t believe you!”. He collects: “I’m sorry, I hope to come back”. Before leaving, she gives Judas’ kiss which is worth a nomination to Estefania.

22.22: For the castaways it is time for an important test. The women play. By lot two couples are formed: Pamela-Carmen and Estefania-Maria Laura. Lory, injured, cannot play and therefore has to bet on one of the four women: she bets on Bernal. The proof is the Honduran bridge, a relay race at sea. Neither couple completes the test, so the Estefania-Maria Laura couple is judged to be the winner because they are further along the path. Advertising.

22.39: The final challenge is therefore between Estefania and Maria Laura. The winner is De Vitis, who now has to decide who to send directly to the televoting between the three challenged companions: she sends Estefania and consequently also Lory because she has bet on Bernal.

Maria Laura vs Estefania - Island of the Famous 2022

Maria Laura vs Estefania – Island of the Famous 2022

22.46: Edoardo is in the nomination station, where he receives a video message from his friend and actor Cristiano Caccamo.

22.50: The group is gathered in Palapa. There is talk of Maccarini, who does not seem to have a lot of sympathy. Carmen reiterates her thoughts: “What good is true”. Marco replies: “I had Carmen around my neck from the second day on”. Vladimir calls him Archimedes. Advertising.

23.07: We keep talking about Marco. Nicolas is categorical: “He behaves smartly (…) I think he didn’t understand the spirit of the island (…) He is a very skilled player”. “I came here to have a playful experience (…) They all play and I decided to play too”comments Maccarini. “He wants to take us for fools”, Vaporidis retorts. Edoardo adds: “He is the most total inconsistency”. Teased by Ilary, Marco explains that “I want to understand the balance (…) The game allows it”.

23.15: Cloe, Estefania’s best friend, has reached Honduras. Meanwhile, the castaway is on the beach with Alvin to talk about her tense relationship with the group, which seems to have isolated her after she has concocted the fake romance with Roger. She now has the opportunity to regain everyone’s trust by making a choice: immunity or a surprise for one of the castaways. The model doesn’t think too much about it: “I decide to go to televoting and take the surprise for some of them”. Advertising.

23.32: The castaways are on the beach and are informed of the decision taken by Estefania. Then the surprise is revealed: Chloe arrives, who immediately heartens her friend. Bernal is in seventh heaven: “Thank you”.

23.42: The public via social media has expressed their preference on three castaways for the test of the kiss in apnea: the chosen ones are Carmen, Maria Laura and Edoardo. Everyone has to choose a partner to kiss: Carmen chooses Nicolas, Maria Laura chooses Luca, Edoardo chooses Estefania. Go to the test. Di Pietro goes back up after a few seconds. The winners are Maria Laura and Luca. The two win the reward at stake (the mikado), which they will have to share with two other castaways among those who have not played: they decide to reward Lory and Cucolo.

23.56: The sgamadissimi land on Playa Palapa. Blasi anticipates that two of them will officially re-enter the game and one will be eliminated. The first will be chosen directly by the castaways, who must then deploy. Edoardo, Lory, Maria Laura, Carmen, Nick, Pamela and Nicolas go to Mercedesz’s side; Estefania goes to Fabrizia’s side; Cucolo, Maccarini and Luca go to Gennaro’s side. By majority, Mercedesz returns to the group.

00.03: The flash televoting between Gennaro and Fabrizia is opened: who to save? Advertising.

00.10: As happened before with women, now it’s up to the men to play to avoid ending up in nominations. Cuccolo, Maccarini, Edoardo and Nicolas take the test. Nick, being injured, cannot take part in the game (endurance test, keeping his arms stretched forward) and focuses on Vaporidis. At the photo finish against Maccarini, Nicolas has the upper hand after more than 6 minutes. The actor must now decide who to nominate among men: he sends Maccarini precisely why “Failed to integrate”.

Nicolas vs Maccarini - Island of the Famous 2022

Nicolas vs Maccarini – Island of the Famous 2022

00.21: The remote voting flash is closed. Ilary opens the envelope with the verdict: Gennaro is saved and re-enters the game with 56% of the votes. Eliminated Fabrizia (44%), who leaves Honduras forever.

00.26: Roger lands on Playa Sgamadissima and the host tells him that “You will live alone”.

00.29: Edoardo and Carmen are in the nomination station to talk about the constant tricks he plays on her on the island. Then Savino pretends to be Malgioglio and does the lie detector with his friend Di Pietro.

00.37: The nominations begin. Estefania, Lory and Maccarini cannot be voted on because they are already on televoting, Luca as leader and Mercedesz and Gennaro because they have just returned to the game.

00.39: The first to be called to the post is Maccarini: appoint Carmen why “Led me to be what I am not”. Then Edoardo: nominate Maria Laura because “She started to sore on a log waiting for the spotlights to arrive”. Nick: name Maria Laura because “Is one of the last (arrived, ndDM)”. Advertising.

00.52: Carmen: mention Pamela because “Is the latest arrival”. Lory: nominate Maria Laura because “His thinking is different from what he demonstrates”. Nicolas: nominate Maria Laura because “I’m not convinced of his genuine intentions”. Delia Duran intervenes from the studio against the actor and in defense of her friend Lory, whom he attacked during the week: “I’m not pleased to meet you (…) Get a grip on yourself (…) Aren’t you actually afraid of Lory because she won an Island of the Famous?”. “You should take a closer look at the program (…) Having said that, hello beautiful”the Nicolas torpedo.

1.03: Maria Laura: nominate Nick because “When I arrived he put discord between me and Carmen”. Estefania: nominate Nick because “He is the person I have the least bond with”. Advertising.

1.15: Pamela: appoint Cucolo because “He is the person I have the least bond with”. Cucolo: appoints Pamela by exclusion.

1.19: For Mercedesz and Gennaro the nominations are clear. She mentions Pamela because “He is the person with whom I have spoken the least”. He names Maria Laura for the same reason.

1.21: Ilary communicates the verdict of their nominations to the castaways: with Estefania, Lory and Maccarini, Maria Laura goes to the televoting. Now the choice of leader Luca: he puts Nick at risk because “I never knew him”.

1.23: The presenter opens the televoting between the five castaways: who to save? Advertising.

1.28: Surprise for Carmen: her nephew Donato is in the studio.

1.31: The episode ends here. Good night to all.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: anticipations of the twentieth episode of Friday 27 May

Live on Canale 5, starting at approximately 9.45 pm, Ilary Blasi leads the twentieth appointment with The Island of the Famous 2022. Alongside him, as commentators, Vladimir Luxuria And Nicola Savinowhile sent to Honduras to tell and guide the castaways in the trials there Alvin.

During the evening the “strange couple” formed by Carmen Di Pietro and Edoardo Tavassi she will be confronted with a temptation that could put their relationship in a “crisis”. Also Estefania Bernal she will have to face a choice: will she think of herself or of the group? The verdict of televoting between Roger Balduino and Maria Laura De Vitis will instead decide who will have to leave the Palapa to reach Playa Sgamadissima.

And just a Playa Sgamadissima a flash televoting will take place on Fabrizia Santarelli, Gennaro Auletto and Mercedesz Henger which will decide thedeleted of the episode. Finally, the new round of nomination.

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