Isola dei Famosi, scoop: sickness on the beach, help called immediately | Withdrawal at the gates


Isola dei Famosi, illness for a well-known face of Canale 5, protagonist of the 2022 edition of the well-known survival reality show: help was called immediately. Concern in Honduras.

Island of the Famous –

It scared the fans a lot, one of the castaways most loved of survival reality shows. Call immediately i rescue for the familiar face of the program: sick on the beach, panic runs fast in Honduras.

Isola dei Famosi, beach sickness for a competitor

The Island of the Famous 2022 edition, viewers are enjoying it and the audience data collected by the famous Mediaset broadcast every week is the clearest confirmation. Now that we are getting closer at the final stage of the well-known survival reality showthe upper floors of Cologno Monzese, have decided to reduce the weekly appointments from 2 to one.

Island of the Famous
Island of the Famous –

The game show hosted by Ilary Blasi it therefore airs every Monday evening on Canale 5. Also yesterday there was one live full of twists. The protagonists of this year attracted immediately the sympathy of viewers and the public has grown fond of many of them.

About this, did you see who got sick? A familiar face of the survival reality show, following a sick on the beach, made everyone worry. Production was forced to run for cover. Retreat at the gates for one of the most loved castaways of this edition?

Who is the familiar face of the program starring an illness

It made everyone worry about a beloved face of the well-known survival reality show because of a sickness who risked jeopardizing his stay in Honduras. We are talking about Edoardo Tavassi. The brother of the more famous Gwendolyn he felt unwell.

Edoardo Tavassi
Edoardo Tavassi –

The castaway, among the most confident, active and energetic of the 2022 edition of the game show, suddenly has accused of an illness. What happened to the beloved competitor? Well, it looks like Edoardo complained with some companions of severe pain in the bones, apathy and fatigue.

Fearing of have a fevershe also asked her friend about the mat, Mercedesz Henger, to feel his forehead with his hand to understand if the temperature was rising. Her health conditions they did fear the worst for him.

Many on social media have feared that Edoardo could decide to leave the island. Fortunately, it was only one passing malaise most likely due to hunger or high temperatures.

Someone also speculated that Edoardo ingested something that hurt him. Another castaway too, MarcoLory Del Santo’s partner felt unwell with his stomach.

Edoardo can certainly be considered a key figure and revelation of the 2022 edition of the Island of the Famous. Much loved by viewers, on social media he is given as the probable winner of the reality show.

As his sister stated Gwendolyn in yesterday’s live broadcast, a guest in the studio, the castaway is no longer there “the brother of…” but it has become a real familiar face of the small screen.

How could it be otherwise? His sympathy, his irony and his jokes entertain the viewers. The duo then composed of him and Carmen Di Pietro it’s really hilarious. The public could not do without Edoardo whom he represents in all respects the playful soul of the island.

Edoardo Tavassi on the Island of the Famous
Edoardo Tavassi –

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