It seems incredible but the facial wrinkles could reveal how we are and the presence of pathologies and here are the triggers


It seems incredible but the facial wrinkles could reveal how we are and the presence of pathologies and here are the triggers
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Our body continuously sends us signals about its state of well-being. Knowing how to recognize them is very important to understand when and if something is not going as it should. States of tiredness, anxiety and fatigue occur frequently during the change of seasons, as well as a higher incidence of headaches.

But there are other clues that could indicate a malaise. Dry hair and skin, brittle and easily broken nails are examples. These could indicate a vitamin deficiency or poor diet that weaken the physique. The skin of the face, however, has one more particularity than nails and hair.

Indeed, it seems incredible but the facial wrinkles according to experts could reveal a person’s health status. Doctors experienced in dermatology and skin health have revealed this after careful scientific studies. It seems that the wrinkles on the face, which we consider simple imperfections and signs of aging, also hide something else.

Many types of wrinkles

Wrinkles can appear for various reasons. One type are those of expression and an example are those that arise from frowning or when you often squint your eyes. Then there are the wrinkles that appear as a result of behaviors such as smoking or excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.

The former are called smoking lines and are more pronounced on one side of the face. It usually corresponds to the side on which the smoker holds the cigarette. The movement of the aspiration also causes the onset of wrinkles on the sides of the mouth or vertical lines above the upper lip.

It seems incredible but the wrinkles on the face could reveal how we are and the presence of pathologies and here are the triggers

Expression lines are a mirror of a person’s state of mind and health. Those who often frown and have wrinkles in this specific part of the body are usually anxious. Wrinkles that appear between the nose and mouth are often a symptom of stress and distress. Crow’s feet, on the other hand, could indicate excessive effort in the act of looking.

The presence of deep or superficial but abundant wrinkles could be caused by oxidative stress or by premature aging due to exposure to the sun. UV rays are the skin’s worst enemy and they act even when we don’t notice it. This is why it is important to expose yourself by taking all precautions to protect skin elasticity.

In other cases, wrinkles can be a wake-up call for some pathologies. People with ulcers, gastritis and gastrointestinal problems have wrinkles from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Cardiovascular disease can also promote skin aging and the development of wrinkles. So, despite these signs we are part of our experience and of a person’s personality, perhaps it would be good to pay attention to them.

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