It was the charming Joan of the “Jewel of the Nile” with Michael Douglas: today she is 68 years old


It was the charming Joan of the “Jewel of the Nile” with Michael Douglas: today she is 68 years old
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Was one of the sex symbols of the eighties and with Michael Douglas she was the protagonist of one of the funniest sagas of the time, In pursuit of the green stone And The jewel of the Nile. In addition to the bitter comedy, The War of the Roses. With them in all three films was Danny De Vito.

Born in 1954, she is of course Kathleen Turner. Between the eighties and nineties he left men all over the world breathless and in his curriculum there are real cult, from hot thrill to Peggy Sue got married for which she was nominated for an Oscar, from The honor of the Prizzi which earned her a Golden Globe a Tourist by chance.

The jewel of the Nilewhen to see it on TV

But he won the hearts of the general public especially with the character of the fascinating writer Joan Wilder, star of In pursuit of the green stone he was born in Jewel of the Nile that Twenty Seven proposes at 21.10 Tuesday 1st November. With her purity of soul and a touch of naivety, she manages to seduce even the surly Michael Douglas, who in the saga plays the adventurer without rules Jack Colton, albeit with not a few hilarious efforts.

Kathleen Turner with Micheal Douglas in the 1980s

To think that in 1984 Kathleen Turner was not even considered for that role. It was Michael Douglas who told it for the first time for some time. The actor revealed that he and producer Robert Zemeckis had originally thought about the role of Joan a Debra Winger. The two had met her in Texas and were very impressed. Therefore, they organized a dinner to offer her the part of her. After drinking some tequila at the end of the night, Winger bit Michael Douglas on the arm as a joke. For her it was a game, but the actor didn’t take it well, he thought he wasn’t so sure he wanted to spend months in the jungle with her.

So when she met the producers of the film, she “burst into tears”, pleading with them not to choose her. Debra Winger was then fired and Kathleen Turner was chosen in her place.

Kathleen Turner, what are you doing today

If she reached the pinnacle of success in the eighties and nineties, Turner has never stopped acting. You have worked a lot in the theater, in several films and also in very famous TV series. For example, you have participated in three episodes of Friends it’s at Low & Orders, to name a couple. As for the cinema, his latest work is from 2022 and is entitled The Swearing Jar. It is a romantic musical, presented at the Toronto Film Festival last September.

In a recent interview with US Weekly told of her struggles as an actress, stating that they have been the same for 45 years, that is, since she started acting. But today what she wants to do with her work is “transfer responsibilities”. She realized that when she is really famous, she is able to influence people not only for the films that are made. In fact, she said that one day while she was standing in line to go to vote, she listened to the speech of two women and one of them, speaking of the vote, said: “Well, Kathleen Turner believes in him, so I think I’ll vote for him too” . This conversation made a great impression on Turner, who has since decided to fight for the responsibilities that her fame gives.


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