It’s official! Pamela Prati competitor of Big Brother Vip, the agreements with Mediaset after the disaster


The showgirl Pamela Prati returns to the small screen. The rumor that she was recruited as a new GF competitor turned out to be true! After Mark Caltagirone, the woman finds an agreement with Mediaset.

The editor of the weekly Who is the conductor of Big Brother announces in his newspaper: Pamela Prati is the third official competitor of the most popular reality show in Italy. The showgirl returns to TV after the scandal of Mark Caltagirone who shocked the world of the Web and the media.

Pamela Prati she had already participated in the first edition of the program in 2016 but was expelled after violating the regulation. Since then, the woman’s life has changed radically due to the ambiguous relationship with the fictional character Mark Caltagirone.

At the time the Meadows he told, in all television salons, of the beautiful relationship with an elusive entrepreneur called precisely Mark Caltagirone and new life from mom for her partner’s children. The story of Pamela Prati with Mark it soon turned out to be a hoax, invented ad hoc to increase its presence on TV. The woman, however, has always claimed to have been duped by her agents of the time, Eliana Michelazzo and Donna Pamela, who would have used her as a pawn for economic purposes.

Pamela Prati and the agreements with Mediaset

Following the controversial affair Prati denounced Mediaset, accomplice of having profited on the whole story. Now, however, the ex-woman of the bagaglino returns to the network that she had previously removed thanks to her participation in the reality show. Already months ago Dagoscopia would have anticipated the presence of Pamela Prati at Big Brother and now it is absolutely official.

At the time, the newspaper, directed by Roberto D’Agostino, had declared: “Now Pamela is in the running to enter as a competitor to Big Brother Vip, to do so he will have to renounce the dispute with Mediaset and Barbara d’Urso “

And here is that to join the program Prati seems to have had to give up the lawsuits against Mediaset. The woman will thus have a new chance on television and will be able to tell the truth about the strange one story that became a real media event and that aroused, among other things, the hilarity of the whole Web.

Here are the words of Pamela Prati to Chi after the official announcement. The woman explains her goals and what she wants to achieve from this experience:

“The Gf Vip pushes you to overcome the inevitable difficulties and try to get along with everyone. I will also look for my spaces because I am a lady, I am my age. I would like to make friends in the House too. Six years have passed since my first participation in Gf Vip, I have changed ”.

“I don’t know who the other competitors are, there is a secret about everything. It would be nice to see a love story between two adults, because an adult has a lived experience, is more aware, but it must be worth it. If I found love I would make a nice gift to Alfonso (Signorini) to thank him. I want a man with a capital “U” because they’re dying out: many boys are born but few become men. And I haven’t felt the thrill of falling in love for 4-5 years “

Pamela Prati

“Sex? I miss hugging a man, because sex is important if you have a partner and if there is a deep feeling. It’s not that you don’t want to make love, I’ve always done it because I’ve always been in love, but I like sweetness, hugs, reach out in bed and find my man’s, lean against his chest. Well, if I have to be honest, I like more what comes before and after sex “

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