Jennifer Lopez is now Jennifer Affleck, she chose her husband’s surname Ben: romance or patriarchy?


Jennifer Lopez is now Jennifer Affleck, she chose her husband’s surname Ben: romance or patriarchy?
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The newly wed singer has chosen to leave her family name Lopez and adopt that of her husband. The decision aroused indignation. On the Nyt: A woman who takes her husband’s surname seems like a submission to me

Jennifer Lopez changed her surname and became Jennifer Affleck. Affleck as consort Ben. She wrote it on the marriage license. Open up heaven. The tide of global outrage is well interpreted by the words of writer Jennifer Weiner on New York Times: A woman who takes her husband’s surname seems like a submission to me, a gesture to say “I belong to him”. At this difficult time for feminism in America, the particularly daunting choice.

Jennifer Lopez has 219 million followershis songs, like Ain’t your Mamathey also have 400 million downloads on Spotify, that is, J-Lo is a global icon, has a strong identity, a brand of itself and this, in part, perhaps, explains why, for years, instead, we have not wondered how did he really have a surname Michelle Obama (LaVaughn Robinson, for the record) or explains why no one is too surprised when Hillary Rodham runs for the Dem primary as Hillary Clinton. Ivana Zelnčkov died Ivana Trump, despite the coexistence of a Melania Trump born Knauss. Not a question of right or left, although in the US one can literally choose to take the surname of the spouse, something done by Jennifer and 80 percent of American brides, according to a survey by The Upshot of the Nyt. Maybe, Jennifer did it in the name of tradition, or out of love or maybe to buy on Amazon without her address being noticed too much. Maybe, probably, he did it because, today, you notice more if you do something politically incorrect than if you do everything respectable and in accordance with the values ​​that advance.

The theme is not only American. We have peacefully loved Donna Vittoria Leone or Franca Ciampi. In the Lombardy Region, I am currently councilor Letizia Moratti born Brichetto Arnaboldi and Melania Rizzoli born De Nichilo without anyone shouting at the drifts of the patriarchate. If anything, the surname has had problems after the divorce, such as Daniela Santanch born Garnero, or Marina born Punturieri who, targeted by causes of her ex, renounces the Lante della Rovere only by marrying Ripa di Meana.

Now, the former Jennifer Lopez, in her newsletter, has signed herself Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck (Lynn, at least this one, a property name, the second) and against her there was an uprising with no concessions to romanticism.

In another historical moment, in a different context that is not the advance of Metaverso which are social networks, we would have found it an affectionate thought towards a lost and found love. Ben, in fact, Oscar winner for Argon And Good Will Hunting, he was supposed to be Jennifer’s husband number three, but he left her two days before the wedding. Well, he was the first to break my heart, she said. The two then married 18 years later, on July 16, in Las Vegas. To the world, it seemed like a very romantic love, except for the age stumbling block. What then, the truth that J-Lo remains J-Lo on all of his social networks, on record covers and on the cosmetic products he produces. Bet the $ 65 J-Lo Body Firming Cream won’t change its name to Jennifer Affleck and not save on the vowels printed on the package. In the star system, one can be romantic but not self-harming.

The only way to close it off would be for Ben to sign Ben Lopez somewhere. One would be enough story on Instagram and tomorrow most will forget about this attack on gender equality. After all, the replica of what happened between 2004 and 2014, when she took the surname of the penultimate husband Marc Anthony: she had become Jennifer Muiz. She hadn’t noticed anyone or hadn’t given it any weight.

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