Johnny Depp, $ 500 million lost in 13 years. From legal fees to yachts, how he squandered a fortune


Johnny Depp, $ 500 million lost in 13 years.  From legal fees to yachts, how he squandered a fortune
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Luxury yachts, paintings by Leonor Fini e much more“(As he himself declared) $ 30,000 a month for wine. Johnny Depp has spent over $ 500 million over 13 years. And this despite it being was one of the highest paid actors in the world ($ 300 million from his appearances in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and $ 68 million for playing Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter). According to his former manager, his combined net worth may have reached $ 650 million over the course of his career. Now? It is estimated to be $ 150 million. A real financial meltdown.

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Depp and the money for the legal fees

Depp accused his former corporate executives at The Management Group (TMG) of mishandling his money. TMG is suing him, and the plaintiff settled in 2018 for an undisclosed sum. The Hollywood star then donated Heard $ 7 million for their divorce settlement, which she in turn pledged to donate for good causes. In 2020, he sued British tabloid The Sun for defamation, but lost the case and was sentenced to pay the publication’s legal fees of $ 840,000.

The island in the Bahamas

TMG – who handled Depp’s money between 1999 and 2016 – claimed in the counter-suit that the actor blew up his fortune, spending $ 2 million a month on his over-the-top lifestyle. In 2017, The Hollywood Reporter dubbed Depp “a star in crisis” for spending much of the $ 650 million he had earned in the previous 13 years. Depp was branded “out of control” for wasting his money on extravagant purchases, including dropping more than $ 5 million to buy three islands in the Bahamas.

$ 30,000 a month in wine

The company that handled his money also said Depp spent $ 300,000 a month ($ 36 million a year) paying 40 full-time staff and $ 30,000 a month on wine. In 2018 Depp told Rolling Stone: It is insulting to say that I spent $ 30,000 on wine, because it was so much more. The counterclaim alleged that it had spent $ 75 million on the purchase and decoration of 14 homes, $ 18 million on the purchase and renovation of one 150-foot, $ 3 million yacht to shoot the ashes of his signature idol Hunter S. Thompson from a cannon. The star later corrected them, saying they were more like $ 5 million.

The paintings of the New York art gallery

His former money manager said Depp spent every month $ 100,000 for an addiction doctor and $ 200,000 for private jet travel. He is said to have paid a sound engineer $ 100,000 a year and $ 10,000 per day ($ 1.8 million per year) for security. The love for art also cost him a small fortune. He reportedly purchased three Leonor Fini paintings from a New York City art gallery, for a total of $ 565,000.

Gifts for ex

The actor has reportedly spent large sums on extravagant gifts for Heard, including one Ford Mustang worth $ 150,000 and a book of Ernest Hemingway worth $ 155,000. Depp has two children with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. Although he didn’t marry the French actress and singer, he offered to support her financially when they separated (although it is not known how much her earnings are). He also gave her a $ 4.5 million home. Despite his generosity in relationships, Depp’s former money manager dismissed the star’s claims that he also donated a portion of his wealth to charity. “I don’t remember writing big charity checks,” Joel Mandel said in his January deposition. “It was more her style to show up at an event or lend her name [a] something rather than writing a check. “ The star of Pirates of the Caribbean he has always defended his choices: “It’s my money – he told the Wall Street Journal in the past in 2017 -. If I want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, that’s my choice. “

The ultimate madness

Depp went last Sunday along with about 20 friends to the Varnasiknown Indian restaurant of Birmingham. I count? Around 50,000 British pounds, or about 60,000 dollars. So at least the local operations manager, Mohammed Hussain, told TMZ.



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