Jovanotti, the drama of the Jova Beach Party. Rapper under indictment


Lorenzo Cherubini, the Jovanotti, in recent days is at the center of the controversy for his Jova Beach Party which in this period is depopulated on all Italian beaches to the rhythm of music. But what lies behind the most anticipated summer event of the year?

Apparently there are big problems for the national Jova and its Beach Party, especially as regards the environmental impact of this mega event. The success is so great, the damage to the environment is so great. And to think that in its beginnings the concept of this project was thought of as something to promote ecology.

Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti is the Italian rapper par excellence who in the last years of his career has sold a very green image of himself. During these years, starting from the 90s, who was there for! We all sang his songs from I am a lucky guy to The navel of the world. But is Jovanotti really the “lucky guy”? The singer has always had a positive attitude but the image he has built over time, very green, very new age, is consistent with his modus operandi?

It seems no, judging by what we learn about the consequences of his Jova Beach Party, dead animals, uprooted trees and sponsors with questionable environmental ethics, yet the message of the big concert is precisely the green one.

Jova Beach Drama. Is this trouble for Jovanotti?

Lorenzo Cherubini’s beginnings before he became the national Jovanotti came very early, when he was only twenty. The rapper, in fact, started with the radio in Milan and was discovered and launched by the record company Claudio Cecchetto, along with many other characters who would have become famous thanks to him.

Could it have been the many years of his career that made him skid and make a similar mistake? And how is it possible if the same lifestyle that he carries on is very ecological even according to his eating habits. Yet one of the stages of the Beach Party, as we said Marina di Ravenna, was a victim of the project’s false ecology. We said that one of the serious consequences for the place, considering the dark times we are going through with the climate emergency, fires and deforestations, was the killing of 62 tamarisks. But don’t worry, they didn’t die in vain, they died for the Jova Beach Party!

And if this sacrifice were not enough, the fish also “had” to sacrifice themselves for the cause, the noise of the music and the vibrations were so strong that they took their last breath. But how did the rapper of thenavel of the world the whole question? Easy, by blocking the social profiles of those who pointed out the incongruity from the first moment. Of course it is right to expect a reply and confirmation of certain things from the person concerned, but for the moment this seems to be Lorenzo Cherubini’s behavior.

But the accusations against our dear rapper do not end here and as icing on the cake there is also cultural appropriation. We have always known something else about Lorenzo Cherubini, who has always been interested in other cultures, different from his own, and indeed the latter followed it much less, preferring instead to dress in ways that represented other worlds and other music. The rapper culture itself is not exactly Italian.

What then would he have appropriated? One of the latest videos he posted on his own channels to promote the Jova Beach Party tour sees him wearing ornaments that we could define as tribal, certainly not European. During the video we then see him dance as he usually does, mimicking movements that certainly do not belong to his culture and that obviously have offended someone who actually belongs to that culture.

What will happen now? Will Jovanotti answer for all this? Will the Jova Beach Party lose following? We’ll see.

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