Juve, De Ligt leaves. Hunt for the substitute: Gabriel and Milenkovic


Juve, De Ligt leaves.  Hunt for the substitute: Gabriel and Milenkovic
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It thundered so much that it rained. The “weather forecasts” on Juventus do not miss a beat. They had to arrive Pogba And Of Maria and they arrived. She had to leave De Ligt and in fact the Dutchman leaves. Yesterday what was in the air happened: the Bayern Monacowith the swollen wallet for the collection of 45 million from Barcelona for the sale of the striker Lewandowski to the Catalans, he knocked again on Juventus’ door putting on the table the arguments that the bianconeri expected. And so, three days before leaving for the tour in the United States of America, the puzzle is solved with the de facto formula that will allow you to monetize the figure of 80 million with bonuses for the sale of the defender. There are still some details to be filed that will not change the order of magnitude of the operation. Operation that will allow to create a significant capital gain since three seasons ago De Ligt was contracted for five years, paying 75 million euros for his card from Ajax.

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Juve, Di Maria and Pogba challenge the scorching heat. Danilo has the solution

So all that remains is to wait for the official announcement of the transfer which at this point can be archived already as defined and concluded in substance. The form is missing, but it is precisely a formality, the verbal agreement is there. After all, Bayern have decided to expose themselves in an ultra-transparent way in these days preceding the relaunch with the statements of the sporting director Salihamidzicfirst, and the CEO Kahn, after. The other day he explained himself in these terms: “There has been contact with the boy. I can confirm that his desire is to come and play at Bayern Munich. In the next few days we will talk again with Juventus and we will see how this negotiation will end“. And the relaunch was liked by the Juventus management which started from the release clause of 120 million. But the market is taking on a declination that leads it not to be a distant relative of a few years ago, with transformed parameters: for which accepting a downsizing does not mean being satisfied but rather acknowledging in a lucid manner a changed economic and economic condition for reasons that are under the eyes of all, pandemic and war in Ukraine above all.

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In reality there is no time at Juventus to congratulate and enjoy the financial aspect of the affair as the replacement needs to be brought home as soon as possible. The well-informed argue that a pawn would in fact be ready to change shirts and reach the Mole: the name is that of the Serbian Milenkovic. Purple costs 15 million and has a verbal commitment to Fiorentina to be sold in the face of an adequate proposal written by a big company. And Juventus, in addition to being a top cub, has excellent relations with the player’s agent, mister Ramadani, who until a few days ago tried to convince Koulibaly to dress the black and white until there was the definitive lunge. of the Chelsea. However, the Juventus club intends to equip itself with a profile that offers ample guarantees from the point of view of experience for which it is also playing in pressing against the Spaniard. Pau Torres of the Villarreal and on the Brazilian Gabriel ofArsenal, even if the Spaniards fired too high: 50 million euros for their 25-year-old defender who also scored at Juventus in the Champions League. In reality, there is another player on which Juventus is moving in a decisive way and it is the Torino player Bremer. The story, now a soap opera given the number of episodes it has already offered, sees the bianconeri engaged in a sort of Italian market derby with Inter. So a fluid situation, yes, in an absolute sense, but we have arrived at the days of truth. By Wednesday, the management counts and hopes to be able to deliver to Allegri, before embarking for Las Vegas, at least one of the two defenders that it intends to find on the market to shore up the back department which must remain a guarantee and a security on which to base. dreams of glory both in the league for the Scudetto and in Europe for the Champions League. For years, championships have not been won in Italy with the best attacks but with the best defenses. Giorgio Chielliniwho has just left Juventus after 17 years, called to answer a question during his presentation to Los Angeles FC about why he was caught, he, who is not a striker, said: “The strikers sell tickets, the defenders win the championships ยป.

De Ligt-Bayern, here we are

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De Ligt-Bayern, here we are

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