Juventus closed the preliminary investigations on the capital gains case


Juventus closed the preliminary investigations on the capital gains case
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The Turin prosecutor has sent notifications to the Juventus Board: the alleged crimes are false in corporate communications and false communications addressed to the market

There Prosecutor of Turin notified the members of the Juventus Board of Directors the notice of conclusion of the preliminary investigations, started in 2021, for crimes of forgery in corporate communications and false communications addressed to the market, being a listed company. This was announced in a note by the chief prosecutor of Turin Anna Maria Loreto. According to the prosecution, budgets would have been altered as a consequence of “an anomalous recourse to operations for the exchange of rights to sports performance by a large number of athletes, operations, moreover, on the whole dystonic in the national panorama”. The Turin prosecutor had asked the judge for preliminary investigations l” application of personal precautionary measuresfor some suspects, and real, as the precautionary or preventive seizure is defined. Request rejected by the judge. The Prosecutor filed an appeal against the order of the investigating judge.

The investigations of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office were conducted by a pool of judges from the Criminal Law Group of the Economy, composed of the deputy prosecutors Ciro Santoriello and Mario Bendoni and the deputy prosecutor Marco Gianoglio. The suspects are 16. Among these are the president of the Juventus club Andrea Agnelli and the vice president Pavel Nedved. The years taken into consideration by the investigators are three: 2018 (approved on 24 October 2019), 2019 (approved on 15 October 2020) and 2020 (approved on 29 October). According to the investigators, the “exchange transactions, which do not generate financial flows of any kind, are concluded at values ​​established by the parties in an arbitrary manner and with the aim of meeting the budgetary needs of the moment: these transactions were considered fictitious” . Again according to the accusation, “the capital gains generated by these have been revisited according to the international accounting standards, which Juventus FC, as a listed company, must in any case comply with”. For the investigators there was a further intervention to alter the budget results through ‘salary maneuvers’, in the years 2020 and 2021. “There are concrete elements to believe that the players, in agreement with the club, have renounced to receive, in conjunction with the pandemic period, only one month and not four, as communicated by Juventus Fc in March 2020 “. And the remaining three months “would not be subject to waiver, but deferred to subsequent years”. Some suspects were charged with the crime of fraudulent declaration through the use of invoices for persistent transactions.

In the field of sports justice, the story had led to acquittal of Juventus and the other clubs involved by the Federal Court and the FIGC Court of Appeal confirmed the sentence by rejecting the appeals presented by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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