Kate Middleton disappoints at the Garden Party: worst look ever


Kate Middleton disappoints at the Garden Party: worst look ever
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Kate Middleton returns to the Garden Party with William, but this time it doesn’t make you dream. The Duchess of Cambridge wears a green dress, made by the Palace’s private tailor, and she shows it. A delusionnothing to do with the magnificent looks in white lace, by Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen of the previous editions.

Kate Middleton, the worst style slip

After having enchanted the world with the wonderful body-hugging black dress at the premiere of Top Gun: MaverickKate Middleton takes a real misstep, a style mistake that we never expected from the renewed taste of the Duchess of Cambridge.

After two years of Covid, Buckingham Palace was finally able to organize the traditional Garden Party, one of the most important annual events for the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth did not attend, but her absence was filled by William and Kate. The dress code of this event provides for women hat and classic cocktail dress. Lady Middleton of course abides strictly by protocol, especially now that she somehow has to take the place of the Sovereign. Like she did with her first Garden Party coral look a few days ago. But now she has exaggerated with the bon ton.

It is already the second time that this has happened to her in a few months. The first excess of protocol occurred during the Red Cross event which she attended with Princess Anna where she wore a powder pink suit. And now this green dress that ages her and it’s all wrong. Only earrings and a hat are saved. But let’s see it better in detail.

Kate Middleton, the green dress by Mary Poppins

Kate fished out a bespoke dress from her wardrobe from Buckingham Palace tailor shop. The model has an excessively classic and old-fashioned style. Nothing is missing: high gathered collar with lace border, row of buttons covered on the bodice, wide puffed sleeves with tight cuffs, long full skirt up to the calves. L’Express commented the Duchess’s look: “Kate brought out the Mary Poppins in her “. And how to blame him. Also because Lady Middleton had to use an umbrella, also dull green in harmony with her dress, to protect her hat from the rain.

Kate Middleton, the detail makes the difference

The headdress, created by Philip Treacy, is perhaps the most interesting accessory of Kate Middleton’s look. The color is always the same, but the floral decoration under the brim is magnificent and gives a lot to her face, framed by the hair left loose and combed with the usual curls, but always pulled behind the ears from where some earrings with aquamarines hung, of Carousel Jewels, which cost just 140 pounds (165 euros). The outfit is completed by the suede pumps by Jimmy Choo and the clutch by Hobbs London. William, however, is no less with his plaster cast look: top hat, black umbrella and the classic tiet.

From left: Kate Middleton, William, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie at the Garden Party

Kate Middleton, meeting with an old friend

During the event, Kate reunited with a longtime friend, Manfred Goldberg, 92, a holocaust survivor. The two had already met on two other occasions, the first in 2017. The Duchess was happy to exchange a few words with him, expressing her happiness in seeing him among the guests.

How do you join the Garden Party

But just how do you get invited? It is the Queen that you choose the guests. Usually a yellow envelope is delivered that contains the invitation. At that point, just show up directly at Buckingham Palace on the appointed day, obviously dressed appropriately. Originally these events were exclusively for the nobility. But Elizabeth also opened them to the commoners. The first requirement, however, to hope to be invited is to have British citizenship. Countries that are part of the Commonwealth, such as Australia and New Zealand, are exceptions.


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