Kate Middleton, her curse strikes again


Kate Middleton, her curse strikes again
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The curse of Kate Middleton strikes again. Personal trainer Louise Parker, who helped the Princess of Wales get back in shape after the birth of her first child, George, was forced to close her business. It is not the first time that a brand or company that William’s wife has used has gone bankrupt. But let’s proceed in order.

The curse of Kate Middleton

Louise Parker, nicknamed “figure magician” and described as “the secret weapon of Hollywood stars, international sportsmen and even royalty”, like Kate Middleton, was forced to close her shop on Walton Street in London and leave the Wellness Center by Harrods. In an Instagram post, she revealed that her “family business,” Parker Practice, failed to get over the pandemic and her marriage breakdown, despite her impressive list of clients.

Therefore, that of Parker is added to the list of companies used by Kate Middleton who fails. Once there was talk of the “Kate effect”, because every time he wore a brand, the sales of the brand soared. But at times this success has proved to be a boomerang, forcing brands, especially small ones, to close because they are unable to cope with the amount of work. This is the case of the Issa brand that created the sapphire-colored dress that Kate wore on the day of her engagement to William in 2010. Seven years later the house was forced to close, as it did not have the necessary funds to support all the orders.

In 2020 it was the turn of the Chloe Savage embroiderer who worked on the Princess of Wales wedding dress and then on Meghan Markle’s. The woman had a business in Bristol but due to the pandemic she had to lay off all staff and close her shop, going to work in her mother’s garage.

Kate Middleton, the failure of her personal trainer

Something similar happened to Louise Parker too, the pandemic and divorce from her husband have been fatal for her business, also because her ex was the creative director of her wellness center and the loss of their romantic relationship has also precipitated business, despite the fact that she still has a prestigious clientele who, however, will not be able to use of her method as Kate did in 2013 (today she talks about a fourth pregnancy for the Princess). At least for now. In the Instagram post where she announces the closure of her shop, she has promised that sooner or later she will return to practice and thanked all her collaborators for the commitment and dedication which, however, were not enough to save her business. .

To think that just three years ago, Louise seemed to have it all: a successful company, with clients like Emma Thompson and Kate Middleton, her method had turned into three books, she had a husband who loved her and who gave her three sons.

The Louise Parker method that made Kate Middleton lose weight

Louise Parker teaches people to think of weight loss as a lifestyle change rather than a diet and favors the Mediterranean diet. At the base of the his method we find these principles: think positively, take care of yourself, live well, have three balanced meals a day and do some “smart” movement, like the CrossFit training which the Princess of Wales also dedicated herself to with excellent results.


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