Katia Ricciarelli, “suicidal thoughts” for the violence suffered


Katia Ricciarelli is a strong woman with an important character, but in her life she had to undergo a dramatic situation that even led her to think about death.

Katia Ricciarelli is not only famous for having been very protagonist recently of the reality show the big brother Vip or other, or for having been the wife of Pippo Baudo, well the great popularity of Katia Ricciarelli derives from the fact that she is one of the most important opera singers in the world.

Specifically, Katia is a soprano and in her incredible career she has seen the most prestigious stages such as in London, Chicago, of course Milan at La Scala and many others, where she has performed carrying this art around.

His voice is something incredible, famous for her ethereal timbre, a marked musicality and a sense of phrasing, she began studying music and singing at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice, her debut arrives in Mantua in 1969 with a great classic, La bohème, later the the following year he arrives on the stage of the Regi di Parla interpreting another great classic of opera, Il Trovatore.

In his incredible career there have also been some really terrible coins, a side of the coin that very often is not shown in this field, but that happens more than one might think, often does not cause a sensation, but if it is Katia Ricciarelli then it immediately becomes a huge storm.

It just happened that during one of his performances on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan loud whistles came, a really horrible situation, so much so that the then husband Pippo Baudo was unable to maintain control and even slapped a loggionist. This is one of the unpleasant episodes in the career of the great artist, but there have been many very successful ones.

Katia Ricciarelli

For her twenty-five-year career, in 1994, she was awarded the title of Kammersängerin in Vienna and Grand Officer of the Italian Republic, a recognition of great prestige. In Katia’s career there have really been some very high moments of satisfaction, but in her private life the same revealed that he had suffered dramatic situations.

The dramatic trauma experienced by Katia Ricciarelli

During a very personal interview in Verissimo’s living room Katia told to the hostess Silvia Toffanin of a truly dramatic episode that saw her as a protagonist when she was very youngthe same tells that this chilling event it had even led her to suicidal thoughts.

Katia has thus decided to openly reveal one of the most traumatic experiences of her life, when at the age of eighteen she was the victim of harassment by a friar, she told herself with words that break the heart, “He treated me like a daughter. He ended up convincing me that my vocation was for the monastic life. I soon realized that she had fallen in love and not being able to physically possess me, she demanded that no one else has me ”.

Thus begins to reveal the sad and very serious event, then continues “I went through a crazy trauma, I was destroyed, I had faith in him. He reacted by making me look crazy. He said things that he then took back, claiming that it was a figment of my fantasy ”.

Katia Ricciarelli

A situation that too often we have to hear, a man who is rejected and consequently he rejects all his frustration on the woman, making her look crazy and thus creating around her a real paranoia and fear of judgment, fear of denouncing, leading to live her own drama in silence to avoid further consequences.

Fortunately Katia was able to overcome the drama and chase away those terrible thoughts that crowded her mind, unfortunately for many other women the story turns out much worse.

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