Kena Summer 300 with 300 Giga for 1.99 euros. New Kena 7.99 and Kena 9.99 MNP with 150 or 200 Giga


Kena Summer 300 with 300 Giga for 1.99 euros.  New Kena 7.99 and Kena 9.99 MNP with 150 or 200 Giga
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Starting from today 23 June 2022on the occasion of Summer 2022, the virtual operator Kena is proposing a new additional option with 300 Giga of data traffic. Also, as for new customers, they have been increased the Giga of data traffic for the new activations of two previous portability offers.

Depending on the target customers and the offer involved, the news is available in different sales channelssuch as in-store or online on the operator’s official website.

Kena Summer 300

First, as mentioned a new one was launched additional option for existing customers operator, named Kena Summer 300.

With this new promo, similar to the last 100 Giga Option launched for Christmas 2021, Kena customers can get 300 Giga of data traffic at the cost of € 1.99 one-time fee.

To take advantage of the additional internet traffic, this time you have 90 days. Furthermore, unlike the previous 100 Giga Option, the new Kena Summer 300 cannot be activated through the MyKena area of ​​the operator’s official website, but exclusively from the Kena app.

However, the data traffic included in the Summer 300 option should be consumed with priority over that of the main offer.

Consequently, if the customer runs out of the entire additional data bundle, he will be able to continue browsing with the bundle provided for in his offer.

Giga increase for some portability offers

As for the innovations introduced on the two offers in portability at 7.99 euros per month and 9.99 euros per monththese have essentially received a Giga increase for all new activations.

Starting with the offer at 7.99 euros per month, previously called Kena 7.99 130GB Gold, in this case the included monthly data traffic has passed from 130 Giga to 150 Giga.

Instead, with the offer at 9.99 euros per month, or the previous Kena 9.99 150GB in the operator attack version, mobile internet traffic has increased from 150 Giga to 200 Giga.

In this way, the new ones were born Kena 7.99 150GB And Kena 9.99 200GBboth can be activated in the operator attack version with portability of the telephone number coming from from Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, Tiscali and other virtual operators (included I have. Mobile with Kena 7.99 150GB, excluding Very Mobile in both cases).

In these hours, Kena 7.99 150GB has been launched both in stores and online on the operator’s official website. In reverse, Kena 9.99 200GB it’s available exclusively in storelike its previous version.

Monthly bundles with Kena 7.99 150GB and Kena 9.99 200GB

Kena 7.99 150GB therefore understands unlimited minutes to national fixed and mobile numbers, 500 SMS to all national numbers e 150 Giga of monthly data traffic in 4G at the price of 7.99 euros per month. The activation cost is € 1.99.

Kena 9.99 200GB it includes instead unlimited minutes to national fixed and mobile numbers, 1000 SMS to all national numbers e 200 Giga of monthly data traffic in 4G at the price of 9.99 euros per month. In this case, the activation cost is free.

Always remember that the minutes of the offers are without connection fee and are charged for actual conversation seconds.

Data traffic is charged instead in advance steps of 1 KB. In case of exceeding the monthly Giga and in the absence of other active data options, internet browsing is blocked.

With all the offers offered by Kena, listening Voice mail and SMS on-call services You Know and Call Now they are included at no additional cost, but the activation of one of the two services does not allow the activation and use of the other.

In Roaming in the countries of the European Union (and in the UK for now), customers can use unlimited minutes and SMS under the same national conditions, but for data traffic there is an upper limit on the amount of Giga, calculated based on the cost of the offer.

Summer 300 wallet stores

Mobile network details with Kena

Please note that with Kena, TIM’s second brandcustomers use the latter operator’s network currently in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and 4G LTE, with basic internet browsing with a maximum speed of 30 Mbps for both download and upload.

From 7 April 2021, a maximum speed of 60 Mbps in download and 30 Mbps in upload. From 5 April 2022, however, this speed threshold is scheduled for all standard offers available online.

Please remember that starting June 13, 2022 TIM began the gradual phasing out of 3G technology from its mobile network in the first Italian municipalities.

According to new roadmap published by the operator with the timing for each city, the switch off will also continue in the months of July, August and September 2022, up to completion in the last municipalities by October 15, 2022subject to changes.

Also due to the shutdown of 3G, starting from May 2022, therefore before the start of the switch off of the third generation network, the progressive enabling of the service was also started. Times on the SIM of Kena.

More details on offers

Regardless of the tariff offer chosen, with Kena the cost for the purchase of the new rechargeable SIM is always free. The operator also specifies the wording “forever”thus declaring to undertake a do not apply tariff adjustments.

Regarding the monthly renewal, in case of non-payment for insufficient credit offers come suspended.

In this case, until the credit is used up, it is possible to continue calling, sending SMS and surfing the Internet under the conditions set out in the Kena Base Plan.

In this regard, it is specified that the operator’s basic plan provides for a cost of 35 euro cents per minute to all national numbers (without connection fee), 25 euro cents for each SMS sent and 50 euro cents per minute. 50MB in advance for internet browsing.

These conditions also apply in the event of termination of the offertherefore, if the customer does not renew the offer for a period of 90 days.

Thanks to D. and S. for reporting.

Update June 24, 2022

Yesterday evening, 23 June 2022, Kena updated its official website by inserting a page dedicated to the Kena Summer promotion with 300 Giga valid for 90 days at 1.99 euros, specifying that it can be requested from the Kena app by all the new ones and already customers until July 26, 2022, except for extensions.

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