La7 schedules, here are the three news with Aldo Cazzullo, Caterina Balivo and Concita De Gregorio – Il Fatto Quotidiano


La7 schedules, here are the three news with Aldo Cazzullo, Caterina Balivo and Concita De Gregorio – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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Always be there”Is the slogan of Palimpsests of La7 which were presented to the press – in presence after three years – by the publisher Urban Cairo, in the center of Milan. Lots of confirmations from information to talk shows and three substantial innovations: an original format on the story of six historical characters with Aldo Cazzullothe challenge of the word game show hosted by Caterina Balivo (from 12 September) and “On air – Books” with Concita De Gregorio.

“We had two years, like everyone else, very demanding with a notable effort not only on TV, but also for our newspapers from the press and then on the sites – said Cairo – The pandemic was characterized by waves, returns, then the vaccinations, in short, everything more. Those have been incredible years on the advertising investment side. We tried to be present 100% like La7, never leaving out anything. On La7 we have 16 hours of information a day and 13 hours of live coverage with a remarkable productive effort. From 2019 to today we are always the sixth network in Italy in prime time (from 20:30 to 22:30). This is a market that has been impacted by different moments, also marked by the war “.

Among the news of the schedules arrives on la7 Aldo Cazzullo (probably on Wednesdays) with a history and culture program entitled “A particular day”, A format conceived and produced by La7, in which the journalist will tell the journey of a historical figure (from Napoleon to Galileo Galilei, up to Mussolini), on a day that marked the history of humanity. Arrives in the crowded early evening the new game show hosted by Caterina Balivo and produced by Stand By Me, still untitled and should start on 12 September. A format of words to rediscover the Italian language in an enigmistic style. “We want to make an investment and something new with the game show of words (we are the TV of words and it suits us) – said Cairo – conducted by Caterina Balivo, a young and brilliant presenter who comes from Rai, very active on social networks that will interact with the pairs of competitors in the studio. On the air since mid-September and we are aiming a lot “. And finally “another novelty that we have been thinking about for some time and there had never been a way to get it started for various reasons. We’ll do a book program on Sundays at 7pm and call it ‘On the air – Books‘and will be led by Concita De Gregorio“.

Confirmed the specials of Mentana (marathons and insights) and “Otto e mezzo” by Lilli Gruber. Moons of appointment in the early evening with fiction. They also return “diMartedì” with Giovanni Floris“Atlantis” with Andrea Purgatori on Wednesday, “Piazzapulita” of Corrado Formigli on Thursday, “Propaganda Live” by Diego Bianchi and Makkox on Friday, “Eden a planet to save” with Licia Colò to Saturday. On Sunday evening again with “Non è l’Arena” by Massimo Giletti. The confirmed daily appointments are those of “Omnibus” with Gaia Tortora and Alessandra Sardoni“Coffee Break” with Andrea Pancani”The Air that pulls” with Myrta Merlino and “Tagadà” with Tiziana Panella.

Among the sporting events we point out the Serie A women’s championship on Saturday afternoon, just switched to professionalism, then rhythmic gymnastics, the Palio di Siena – acquired for 4 years – with ratings above 10% share in the first appointment on 2 July with the commentary by Pierluigi Pardo. Finally, for the TV series in the fall, the fourth season of “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner.

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