Laetitia Casta: “I didn’t want to marry Accorsi”. And she reveals her greatest fear


Laetitia Casta: “I didn’t want to marry Accorsi”.  And she reveals her greatest fear
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Career, youth, but also the more private sphere: Laetitia Casta he told of his many souls. From that of a child, to that of a girl who is noticed on a beach by a photographer, to that of an actress. She who got to know cinema very late. And also the non-marriage with Stefano Accorsi. They reveal a determined woman, with very clear ideas.

Laetitia Casta, because she did not marry Stefano Accorsi

Laetitia Casta is a star: she was a star as a super model, she is today as a much loved actress. And she has very clear ideas about herself about herself: she does not feel Parisian and she does not find that her life is so different from that of others. She told about it in an interview with the Corriere della Sera in which it has retraced his careerhe told his point of view on life and revealed many aspects of himself.

Including the fact of having become mother of four from three fellow diversi: “I decided to become a mother at 23. At the time it was not fashionable to show big bellies, but the work was not affected, ”she explained while reflecting on the concept of freedom. In this regard, she explained the reasons that led her to not wanting to marry Stefano Accorsi. With the Italian actor she lived a long relationship that lasted from 2033 to 2013 and with him she had two children Orlando and Athena (na she had two others: Sahteene, with the French director and photographer Stéphane Sednaoui, and Azel with the actor Luis Garrel).

“We never got married – she said about her relationship with Stefano Accorsi -, I was not interested in marriage. Then I changed my mind ”. And in fact, the wedding with Garrel is dated June 2017.

Laetitia Casta her greatest fear and career

A determined womanwho knows his stuff, which he has in life followed your instincts. From the statements, which had gotten a lot of echo, about the first kiss with a woman: “Yes, I kissed a woman when I was very young, but it was training, like jogging, just to get ready to kiss a guy and make a good impression” , at the discovery of the world at 10 years old, when she and her family moved to Paris. “I am an animal being – she said – she, she was born in Normandy, in a place so remote that no one knows where she is. I was there for up to 10 years, then the family moved to the suburbs of Paris, where I discovered what a cinema or a shopping center was “.

Precisely for this reason free spirit no wonder Laetitia Casta unveiled al Corriere della Sera that its greatest fear it is: “Being caged, forced to do or say something”.

In the course of the interview, he retraced his life and career. The beginning of her work as a model is an exact representation of a cliché of her: she was discovered by a photographer on a beach, while she was playing with her sister. She was 14. Her first “serious campaign” came at 16 with Ralph Lauren in New York. The designer, together with the photographer Herb Ritts, had the merit of “inventing the Casta”.

An interview without filters, the one that the super model and actress gave to Corriere della Sera. There was also a reference to the acceptance of the body, in particular he commented on his own statement: “The polemique italienne on extra kilos bores me”Adding and relegating it to:“ A B series tabloid topic. I established myself despite the flaws. Indeed, thanks to them “.

Born in 1978, Laetitia Casta is 44 years old and has completed a long life and career path. Today she is she: “an actress fascinated by complex directors, a bit crazy”, a confident and concrete woman who however dreams “of not growing up anymore”.


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