Lancia, three cars on the program: utility car, crossover and sedan


Lancia, three cars on the program: utility car, crossover and sedan
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In 2024 the new Ypsilon, in 2026 the crossover that up to now has been provisionally called Aurelia and in 2028 the Delta. Also from 2028 Lancia will only sell electric cars. The return of the brand is expected in some European markets

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In 2024 the new Ypsilon, in 2026 a crossover and in 2028 the new Delta. Also from 2028 Lancia will only sell electric cars. Luca Napolitano, the CEO, explains the brand’s programs, as he has done several times in recent months, but this time with some new features and more details. Lancia’s strategic plan, says the CEO, “consists of a lean but very efficient range of three cars, 50% coverage of the market and with a regular launch cadence, one car every 2 years. We will start in 2024 with the new Ypsilon. We will start from Italy and from segment B (small cars, ed), which is our natural environment. In 2026 we will enter the largest segment in Europe with our second car, Aurelia (provisional name, ed). It will be our flagship, to enhance our presence abroad. In 2028 it will be the turn of the new Delta (also in this case the name is provisional, ed), a C-segment car in the heart of the European market. “As for the Aurelia, as mentioned, the name may not be this but it could be linked to the Greek alphabet and, this is the novelty, it should be a crossover compact 4.6-meter segment C, the most popular type of car in the markets of the north of the Old Continent.


The brand “plays a fundamental role in Stellantis’ strategic plan, Dare Forward 2030”. This is why Lancia, continues the CEO, has decided “to set up a strong and daring electrification strategy”, also anticipating the group’s targets: 100% of Stellantis sales in Europe will be battery-powered cars by 2030. “Ypsilon will be 100 % electric in 2024, from 2026 we will only launch full Bev cars and from 2028 we will only sell full Bev cars “.

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Lancia’s new strategic plan aims to create “a credible and respected brand in the premium segment, in Italy, but not only”, and by now the company “is ready for Europe – continues Napolitano -. This does not mean that we will return to everyone. the markets at the same time, we don’t have to be everywhere, in 28 European markets, we don’t need to do everything at the same time but we will proceed step by step “. In short, Napolitano underlines, “we will gradually enter” and specifically with “France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Spain, in the first half of 2024”. A landing in England is also likely. “There could be some changes to our plans, in England Made in Italy has a lot of appeal”, says Napolitano. The plan’s goal is to open 100 dealerships in 60 cities, with a focus on online which is expected to generate 50% of sales. The reference point for the segment lists are “Audi and then Mercedes. Compared to Audi today we are down by 17%, we were at -20%. We do not want to compete with the German brands, but we have room for improvement”.

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