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One of the incredible protagonists of the tv program Lives On The Limit it was Laura, a 43-year-old woman who during her journey to get back in shape he lost a whopping 200kg. An amazing result – to say the least – and now the change is absolutely incredible. Another one!

The life of Laura Perezthis was the full name of the 43-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, had become really impossible, just moving was a problem, she had completely lost her autonomy, so she decided to give a drastic, but necessary change to the its existence.

Lives On The Limitthe incredible transformation of Laura Perez

Thanks to Lives On The Limitthe woman documented her weight loss, followed by Dr. Nowzaradan in a Houston clinic, and later we could see the incredible transformation.

When she presented herself before the very famous Dr. Nowzaradan, Laura Perez it had a decidedly higher weight and drastically beyond the norm, that is the woman had come to weigh 270 kga body mass that creates gods big and serious problems in many respects, not only aesthetically, but also cardiovascular and – obviously – motor.

She she was really desperateso when she turned to the well-known program doctor Lives On The Limit and his team, he started a hard journey but the result was incredible: just think that she lost the beauty of 200 kgto then find a good physical shape and the health which is an absolutely very, very precious gift for everyone.

She was harassed as a child: food was her comfort

Laura confessed along the way that her eating disorder stemmed from a terrible trauma she suffered as a child from abuse, but he never had the strength and the courage to talk about it with anyone, least of all in the family. She said: “I never said anything to my parents, then harassment have been going on for years. My whole life changed, so I went for food. This has been my comfort ”.

His weight loss journey it was not easy at all, not only because aiming for a result of this type requires a great deal of willpower and immense sacrifice, but also because the more weight Laura lostthe more problems started with husband Joey: quarrels became more and more frequent e the woman felt that she no longer needed him husband as before.

Surely this was a particularly stressful situation, plus she underwent it a bariatric surgery with a very strict maintenance that included a very targeted diet and a training proportionate to his motor difficulties.

Not for nothing is it really very important in such a high slimming process, to evaluate the type of correct trainingsince – otherwise – it could be harmful!

Laura Perez after the treatment of Dr. Nowzaradan

Now she is another woman: thin, independent and beautiful

Now Laura is another womanfit and beautiful, but above all autonomous, even if this path for her health It has range – as already mentioned several times – to the crisis with her husband. It seems – in fact – that the man is not he is not very happy with how now you face life, with the selfuo new way of being and living.

The same said in this regard: “Joey acts a little differently and he often says to me, ‘Oh, you don’t need me’. I told him, I need you to help me not to take care of myself ”.

After the broadcast, Laura continued her weight loss program with even more success and also underwent a gastric bypass, procedure which he could not access previously due to his state of health and his absolutely excessive weight. She feels good and is very happy with regaining control of his body e of his life.

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