Laura Pausini hosted the Latin Grammy Awards 2022


Laura Pausini hosted the Latin Grammy Awards 2022
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The singer originally from Faenza is unstoppable: after having conducted, together with Mika and Alessandro Cattelan, the last famous Eurovision Song Contest held in Rome, she was called as the first Italian to conduct the Latin Grammy Awards 2022!

If she hadn’t become a singer, perhaps, Laura Pausini allegedly opened a small ceramics shop in his home country: he tells it in the docu-film about his life, “Pleasure to meet you”, created in collaboration with the streaming platform Prime Videos. Luckily, however, Pausini actually realized herself as an artist after her first and unforgettable participation in San Remo, and it’s been a long time since. Today, in addition to still singing, we can say that she has also become conductor television: after the overwhelming experience at the Eurovision Song Contestthe singer of “Loneliness” is also the first Italian to conduct i Latin Grammy Awards in the edition 2022.

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What are the Latin Grammy Awards?

Every year, the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences awards the best hits of Latin music production: they can have been created anywhere in the world, the important thing is that the rest is in Spanish or in Portuguese. For the edition 2022 of the Latin Grammy Awardsthe awards were held in vegasat the Michelob Ultra Arena Of Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino. Among the awarded categories, the most coveted ones are certainly Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. Although the event is always held in the Useit takes place mainly in Spanish, and it is precisely using this language that the polyglot Laura Pausini led him.

The impeccable management of the award-winning Laura Pausini

That the artistic direction of the event dedicated to Latin music has chosen Laura Pausini as a host, it doesn’t surprise us: the local artist boasts a success, as well as national, also international, especially in the countries latins. She herself can boast well 13 nominations and 4 festival wins.

Angela Alvarez: the 95-year-old winner of the 2022 edition

This year, it was the awarding of the prize that amazed the public Best New Artistdelivered into the hands of the singer 95-year-old Angela Alvarez, whose personal life story is a hymn to determination and passion for music. In fact, despite her age, the woman can be considered a discovery of the music industry since, despite the woman of Cuban origins writing songs from the thirties, i.e. since she was a teenager, her father traditionalist and severe never allowed her to pursue a career as an artist. Many years have passed since then, Angela Alvarez wrote dozens of songs and his nephew, Carlosdecided to have them recorded in LA.

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The singer’s comment a few days after the event was held

“THE Latin Grammy Awards they have always had a special place in my heart and it is a great honor to be part of this event. This is an important acknowledgment for my music from the Latin American world,” she commented in the days leading up to the event Laura Pausini. “Conducting Eurovision this year also made me passionate about a different part of my job, which complements it. This is why I accepted the proposal of this new challenge with great enthusiasm enthusiasm. As an Italian, it is a very strong source of pride for me”. And it is for us too!

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