Laura Pausini, the trip with her daughter Paola on Instagram: “For the first time alone”


Laura Pausini, the trip with her daughter Paola on Instagram: “For the first time alone”
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Laura Pausini shared on Instagram a very sweet story about her and her daughter Paola. The two, for the first time since the birth of the little girl, faced a solo journey between mother and daughter. A very normal thing for many, but not for them who lead a very different life in many respects.

Laura Pausini, the tender message on Instagram

A photo of them captures the attention: beautiful, similar and with eyes full of love, those of a mother and daughter who spend time together. Laura Pausini published a message in which she explained the joy for what they did together, something simple and normal and that instead had never been there for them until now.

“For the first time since she was born, Paola and I took a trip alone, by train, towards Romagna, with a backpack and a handbag and we participated in the Holy Confirmation of my nephew Tommaso ”, thus began the singer. “Then we had dinner on the lawn on large wooden tables, it was like being in a movie! Together we discovered a new aspect of life that I call normal because even though it may seem strange to you, we always travel with many people by our side because of my job “, she continued, clarifying why this experience remained so close to her heart. .

A life made up of commitments and concerts, many trips especially for work in which other people are always present; this time, however, Laura and Paola have cut out a day of their own, between mother and daughter. “People we always thank for their help, but who today, thanks to their absence, have allowed us to live one of the most fantastic experiences of our life together”.

An experience that Laura certainly wants to repeat in the future, despite knowing that it will not be easy due to the fact that they would certainly not go unnoticed on the street or on a train. Laura and Paola are ready to leave again, hand in hand and with two backpacks on their shoulders, to enjoy the normality between a mother and a daughter.

Finally, a dedication also to Paolo Carta, who was absent that day: “Yes dad, we missed you so much“, Wrote the singer before concluding the post immediately receiving lots of sweet messages from friends, fans and colleagues.

Laura Pausini, a busy life surrounded by love

It would be impossible to count Laura Pausini’s commitments between concerts and events because they are definitely many; beside her, however, she always has her family ready to support her in the most important moments.

We can remember the videos of her, Paolo and Paola sitting on the sofa with their hands intertwined waiting to discover the Oscar nomination, but not only. The one between Laura and Paolo is a love that has lasted since 2005, and their little girl Paola has enlarged the family by bringing more love. Always together and inseparable, the Pausini-Carta family is definitely one of those who look at each other with admiration and affection.

The journey made alone for the first time between mother and daughter is one of those unforgettable moments for those who lead a lifestyle different from the common one, and simplicity always manages to bring great emotion to those who, as in the case of Laura, live of these little important things.


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