Lazio, Rome, Fiorentina, Atalanta: between Europa League and Conference, all possible combinations for qualification


Lazio, Rome, Fiorentina, Atalanta: between Europa League and Conference, all possible combinations for qualification
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Serie A is preparing to live the last 180 minutes of an exciting and exciting season. At the head and in the tail, but not only. If the championship fight dominates, with Inter and AC Milan protagonists in a sprint of fire, the battle for salvation is no different, with no team still condemned for mathematics to Serie B next year. And in Europe? After the Champions race, with Juve and Napoli already sure of a placement for next season, it is tussle for a place in the Europa League, with a crazy ranking two days from the end. In fifth place is Lazio, with 62 points. Behind, paired at 59 points, Roma, Fiorentina and Atalanta.

TWO TEAMS EQUAL – The race for the Europa League is one of the most exciting in recent years, with a very short ranking and ready to give calculations in front of the TV. In the event of a tie on points, head to head counts first, then the goal difference in direct matches and to close the general goal difference. Here are the possible situations:

LAZIO AND ROME EQUAL: Roma ahead (2-3 and 3-0)

LAZIO AND ATALANTA: parity in direct matches (0-0 and 2-2), the overall goal difference will weigh (Atalanta +19, Lazio +18)

LAZIO AND FIORENTINA: Lazio are ahead (1-0 and 3-0)

ROME AND ATALANTA: forward the Giallorossi (1-0 and 4-1)

ROME AND FIORENTINA: direct matches in a draw (3-1, 2-0), the general goal difference will be decisive (now Roma are at +13, Fiorentina at +9)

ATALANTA AND FIORENTINA: Fiorentina are ahead (1-0 and 2-1).

THREE TEAMS EQUAL – If three teams were tied, however, the detached ranking would come into play. At that point, the points of each one in the direct matches will be added up to decide the order of arrival. These are the possible cases:

1) Lazio (9), Rome (6), Fiorentina (3);
2) Rome (9), Lazio (5), Atalanta (2);
3) Rome (9), Fiorentina (9), Atalanta (0). In this case, with the direct matches tied (3-1, 2-0), the goal difference will weigh (with the Giallorossi now at +13 and the Viola at +9);
4) Lazio (8), Fiorentina (6), Atalanta (2).

It also remains to take into consideration the possibility of finishing on equal points for all 4 teams in the race. In that case, this would be the order of arrival: Rome (12), Lazio (11), Fiorentina (9), Atalanta (2)

CONFERENCE LEAGUE FACTOR – In closing, a no less important factor. Roma, in the middle of the Europa League fight, are in the final of the first edition of the Conference League: were to triumph in Tirana, Mourinho’s team would go directly to the EL group. However, if Roma were to qualify for the Europa League also in the league, finishing fifth or sixth, there would not be an extra place in the Europa League: the admitted teams would be two. The Giallorossi are fifth or sixth in the standings, with seventh in the Conference League play-offs. With the Giallorossi instead in seventh place, in the event of a victory in Tirana, the qualification to the EL as holder of the Conference would arrive, along with the fifth and sixth of the championship. In this case, there would be no Italians in the Conference League. If Roma were to close in eighth place, with the Conference on the bulletin board, they will go to the Europa League together with the fifth and sixth of Serie A. The seventh classified in the league will play the Conference League play-offs. This would be the only case with 8 Italian teams in Europe next season.

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