Liberato is Gennaro Nocerino: the mystery solved (involuntarily) by Siae


Liberato is Gennaro Nocerino: the mystery solved (involuntarily) by Siae
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The name of the musician associated with the rights for some songs of the masked singer. Then a second clue thanks to the members of the electronic trio Future Romance

from Giuliano Delli Paoli

Liberato and in the box Gennaro Nocerino

G.ennaro Nocerino. It is the name associated with Liberato that has gone wild in the last few hours on the web and on social media, from TikTok to Instagram to Facebook. The mystery finally seems solvedaccording to the SIAE website that he would have unintentionally shown an indiscretion on the real name of the hooded musician most loved in Italy. There is in fact a song by Liberato, We came from Naples, whose authors listed on google are the English rapper Gaika Tavares and Gennaro Nocerino. Just a few days ago, Liberato had performed a surprise live in Procida. In May, however, he had released the new album and the new video clip Partenope.


A first detail to which is added the indication, this time more direct, being by Siae, that officially indicates Liberato as the third member of the electronic trio Future Romance, composed instead on the official pages of the musicians by the producers Fiorius, Bawrut and, here again, Gennaro Nocerino. Two indirect and cross confirmations revealed in the first instance on TikTok in a video that went viral by the user alexvalenty, immediately taken from the Instagram channel The Pipol Gossip and rotates practically everywhere on the Internet.

The profile

But who Gennaro Nocerino? Neapolitan, singer-songwriter, keyboardist, producer, founder and ex-member together with Fabrizio Marco Maiolino of the Herr Styler duo, active with the solo project Hot Spell. It also boasts collaborations with Bwarut, Delaporte, K-Conjog, and the creation of the soundtrack for the video game Detective Gallo. In an interview released on the web in 2016 to DLSO, before the Liberato project, he declared that he had lived ten years of his life in Naples, Paris, Tokyo and Madrid. And to be meteoropathic.

The first indiscretion

Two indirect and cross confirmations first revealed on TikTok in a video that went viral by user alexvalenty, immediately resumed from the Instagram channel The Pipol Gossip and rotates practically everywhere on the Internet. But the name of the Neapolitan musician Gennaro Nocerino, producer and multi-instrumentalist divided between Italy, France and Spain, former member with Fabrizio Marco Maiolino of the Neapolitan electro pop duo Harr Styler, not the first time it is associated with that of Liberato. Both on various videos on YouTube of past years and in the pages of Io non sono Liberato, the book by journalist Gianni Valentino, the identity of Nocerino juxtaposed with that of the singer of Nove Maggio and Tu t’e scurdat ” and me who has also wrote a piece of the soundtrack of the film Ultras. Even in some videos there are evident similarities between the movements on stage of Nocerino and those of Liberato, as well as the vocal timbre, which appears identical both while they sing and in the moments in which the “two” address the audience.

The hypothesis Livio Cori later denied

In the past, the name of Liberato who in 2018 on the Lungomare Naples gathered 20 thousand fans in a few hours – was linked above all to those of the rap singer-songwriter Livio Cori, ex-boyfriend of Anna Tatangelo, to the poet of Scampia Emanuele Cerullo, and even to a prisoner of Nisida, remained anonymous for obvious reasons. The mystery then finally released, sorry, revealed? Apparently this time s. Meanwhile, the disappointment among fans is growing through the Facebook page of Liberato Fan Club. The fanbase appears to be opposed to the disclosure of Liberato’s identity, and asks respect for the artist’s will to remain anonymous. A Pulcinella secret that, like that of Elena Ferrante, continues to create interest and divide.

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July 26, 2022 | 18:53


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