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At the Lidl supermarket it is always easy to find super offers every month, not only of food but also electronic devices and appliances. These days there is a product that you absolutely cannot miss. Here’s which one.

Long queues at Lidl –

The supermarket chain Lidl for years it has been one of the most esteemed by Italians: they are often found affordable offers, quality products and every month the rows increase more and more in all the shops located in Italy.

In this particular period, there is a product reported on the flyer indeed unmissable, which costs only 14 euros! Here’s which one and why you can’t miss it.

Super offers at Lidl: here is the product not to be missed

I have been there for 30 yearslarge-scale distribution chain Lidl is present on the Italian market: in Italy there are more than 700 points of sale, in which over 20 thousand people are employed.

Lidl trolleys
Lidl trolleys –

The chain is one of the most loved by Italians, especially because in addition to food Lidl offers a wide range of productsranging from clothing to toys, up to household appliances.

Even in these summer weeks there are many products not to be missed, in particular there is one that costs very little, only 14 eurosand it’s really useful.

Let’s talk about the SilverCrest brand anti-cellulite massageran electronic product that has become a must have for all women, and not only, who suffer from this problem.

A very useful product, which has a massaging function that counteracts cellulitebut it can also have a draining and stimulating function, to reactivate the microcirculation of the legs.

Massages done with this device have a very relaxing function, in addition to counteracting cervical, joint and muscle pain, so it is really suitable for everyone and above all thanks to Lidl it can be yours at a very small price.

Lidl, how the supermarket chain was born

The brand Lidl was born in Germany and is part of the Schwarz holdingwhich also owns other supermarkets of the large-scale retail trade in the country, such as Handelshof and Kaufland.

Lidl supermarket
Lidl supermarket –

The brand develops in Germany in 1932, its initial name was Lidl & Schwarz Lebensmittel-SortimentsgroƟhandlung, a food wholesale company that with great work and dedication achieves an indescribable rise.

In the 1970s, the first shops called Lidl were founded, in the birthplace of the company. The first was opened in 1973 obviously on German soil.

From there, Lidl has grown more and more, expanding exponentially, and today it counts beyond 10,000 stores throughout Europe, in twenty-six countries in total. In 2017, it also landed in Lithuania, a completely new market, and, albeit with many difficulties, in the USA.

In Italy, now, Lidl is a great competitor of the big brands: Italians, in fact, love to shop in its stores. In 30 years of activity, the brand has been able to establish itself very well in our territory, demonstrating the quality of the products, the friendliness of the staff and the very competitive prices compared to other large chains.

In the 2000s it had a real success in Italy, so much so that in 2013 Lidl also became one of the sponsors of the Italian National Football Team.

With its competitive offers and brands, as well as communication always alongside the customer, the chain is constantly expanding in our country, so much so that every year they open new stores in different regions, also giving a lot of work to numerous people.

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