Lidl is looking for new employees in several regions of Italy, here is the list of the required figures


Lidl Discount makes it known through the job postings page of its official website that it needs new resources.

The new job offers concern various of its structures located in different regions of our Italy. Here is a specific list of all the tasks you need at the moment.

More and more supermarkets are looking for new units to be hired for the most disparate tasks. We are talking about very basic roles, such as sales people, or jobs of a certain level, as a manager and so on.

Currently and fortunately, we dare to add, it seems that Lidl needs to renew its staff. News of this kind makes it clear more than anything else that the intention of the discounter is to expand the teams present in the various locations. In very practical terms, this means more work for everyone.

But before knowing the aforementioned open positions, let’s take a small step back and get to know the history of one of the most popular discount stores especially in Italy. Being part of the large-scale retail sector, Lidl presents itself as a chain of supermarkets with large territorial dimensions of German origin. It is currently part of the Schwarz Gruppe and can count on the beauty of ben 13,000 supermarkets present all over the world. The group was founded in 1932 by Josef Schwarz and in 1977, thanks to the work of his heirs, the chain reached 33 stores. But the real turning point began in the early 90’s when the brand spread throughout Western Europe.

In short, it is a very solid working reality, which certainly has nothing to envy to other discount stores. Furthermore, the positive thing is that the brand often launches open positions which, as mentioned before, can really be within anyone’s reach. That said, we would also like to point out other job offers that may attract the same level of attention. For example, we want to recommend the reading of two competition notices issued by the city of Bologna for two different profiles of service operators. Or, another proposal recently made known is the maxi competition in the Customs Agency scheduled for the month of July. Well, after this little introduction we can move on to our list made up of the profiles required by Lidl Discount.

All open positions of Lidl Discount, basic information

Let’s start with the role of Apprentice Sales Clerk necessary at the point of sale in the city of Milan, precisely in Via Privata Cefal├╣. Part time work is foreseen for this job. Also for the job of Branch Operator part time placement is foreseen. And, as far as the structures are concerned, the ones that need them are Lidl Discount di Cataniaprecisely in Via Giovanni Segantini, and that of Camposampiero in Via Antonio Meucci.

Then, let’s move on to another category of the salesperson, namely that of Part-time sales clerk for 8 hours on Sundays. The places that need such a task are the store of Cataniaat Via Acquicella Porto, and that of Giarre, located in Corso Messina. The same profile is required at the discount store Chieti present in Corso Italia ea Paternal. In the latter case, we seek a sales clerk for 8 hours on Sundays as a replacement for maternity leave. In all cases, part-time activities are envisaged.

And then again: you are looking for a Sales clerk on call to Sciaccain the Course entitled to Accursio Miraglia, ea Giulianova, precisely in Via Filippo Turati. The candidates hired, in this case, will work full time. Instead, for the job of Assistant Store Manager Specialist Salesman part time placement is again envisaged. The offices that need it are those of Tortoreto Lidoin Via Nazionale e Montorio al Vomano, in Via Piane. Finally, another salesman of the same type is sought for the store in San Bonifacioin Via Crosaron.

What can I do to apply for the various open selections?

All those who are interested in the aforementioned selections have the opportunity to know the required requirements and the planned activities thanks to the page dedicated to the careers of the Lidl site. Furthermore, they will be able to apply by following the instructions given in a very simple way. Finally, we remind you how the various events dedicated to the Digital Recruiting Week STEM from the 20th to the 24th of June.

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