Lidl or Eurospin? Between the two quarrels .. The best discount for quality / price


One of the most highlighted phenomenayes in recent years. The frantic search for the discount supermarket.

Phenomenon, of course, but in many cases also a real need, need not to spend too much on daily shopping. This is how the link between the citizen and the discount supermarket was born in our country, but clearly also elsewhere. In our country in the early nineties the phenomenon somehow invaded the habits of citizens and then disappeared and resumed a few years later.

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The choice to go shopping at a discount supermarket it is often a reason for discussion, even sometimes heated between citizens. In some cases it is thought that the quality of the products turns out to be more than poor, consequently the low prices would basically arise from that. In other cases instead the low price is traced back to the non-advertising of the brand in question, a dynamic that somehow would not make it as a consequence raise the price.

In short, in both cases the reasons can be considered valid, shared or not, but ultimately the fact remains that everyone can think of spending their money, few or many they may be in the way you prefer. Whether they are poor or poorly advertised products, there are some ancillary evaluations that certainly can affect or not but that leave the time they find with respect to a previous choice already declared with decision.

Much loved and sought after by Italians: the list of the best discount supermarkets in our country

The idea of ​​drawing up a list of the best discount supermarkets in our country came to the well-known Altroconsumo platform. In the specific case, the answers given to a sort of survey by over 9 thousand members were examined. The online questionnaire included questions about places where it is best to shop these days, find lower prices and so on. The results revealed a fairly clear picture of the situation. Among the brands present on the Italian territory, the one that allows you to find a higher saving margin is Aldi.

The ranking of the cheapest and most convenient discount stores for citizens is therefore the following:

  • Aldi
  • Eurospin
  • Prix
  • You hate
  • MD Discount
  • More
  • Lidl
  • In’s
  • Penny Market
  • Todis

Fifth place for Md, one of the best known discount brands in our country. Brand that currently holds 15% of the market share of the sector, clearly referring to the discount sector. The company was founded in Gricignano d’Aversa in 1994 by Patrizio Podini. 800 points of sale distributed in 19 regions Italians, 7,000 employees and a turnover of 2.75 billion in 2019. In 2017, the merger with supermarkets under the Ld.

The research criteria, as specified by Altroconsumo, took into consideration “the absolute minimum expense, that is, made by choosing the cheapest products on the shelf”. 125 different product categories analyzed and used as a sample. According to a Mediobanca report, in the last 15 years, Italians have totally changed their way of shopping. To strongly affect the thing it was also the crisis of the hypermarkets which lost 6% of their overall shares, going from 32.6% in 2007 to 26.5% in 2021.

Instead, the presence increased of those that are considered hard discount compared to the previous 15 years with a growth of 150% equal to 21.7% of the market. Low prices and proposed own brand products the winning weapon of these new commercial contexts.

The success of this formula it is linked to much lower prices than other properties, a strategy made possible offering customers products with their own brand. The boom of new openings it clearly originates from this dynamic as well. The classic supermarkets, however, in any case continue to maintain a relevant slice of the market, 43.1% in 2021.

The classic self-service shop remains in the tail with a substantial halving of the market share from 15.9 to 8.67%. A reliable image and sincere of the current Italian situation.

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